Monday, August 30, 2010

P.S., I Love You.

A question, Everyone: (Yes, another one. No, I didn't decide what to do for the Delivering Autumn Finish, yet. It's because I have to complete the finishing for my Autumn Exchange. And stitch more Christmas Ornaments. Moar, I say!)

What to do about this moon?

I blocked it in like this intending to follow with another pass of the same color (WDW Honeysuckle) for hopefully a nice effect. BUT---

• Is it already "done"?

• Should I make the second pass with CC Sunflower, the darker yellow?

• Or should I just stick with the aforementioned Plan A?

Meanwhile, my start on another ornament from PS (to be emblazoned with this year's date, hopefully while this year yet lives. :D) I'm stitching 1/2 on 36 ct. Summer Khaki Edinburgh, and am almost over how washed-out the one strand is making the machine. I love P.S.'s sewing machine motifs and plan to stitch "Pins and Needles" again for myself (already exchanged it) sometime.


Finally, one more request: I have gone insane, completely insane for this beauty; below follow only two of the images I've squirreled away on my hard drive of it:

A few of you have been really kind in answering my pestering questions about stitch counts and flosses and charts (oh-my!) as I circle this one, so here's another: Do any of you have these charts (Blackbird Designs' Loose Feathers #31-34) that you'd be willing to loan to me? Unfortunately, they are just about OoP and (particularly 31) very hard to find. It looks like I can probably get a couple of them from my ONS, but without 31, which has the nicest bits, the whole thing won't do. :p)

Now, on the minus side of loaning this to me, I am hideously slow at stitching, but on the plus I take meticulous care of charts (my paperback books look unread 'cause I'm so neurotic about it!), and I make (small) stitched thank-yous for chart loans. But, again, I'm slow, and still need to make one for dear Edgar; It's all stitched in my head, I tell you! :D

Friends, I do realize this is a bit like knocking on your door and saying, "Excuse me but has you any gold ingots for me to borrow? I promise to return them and take really, really good care of thems." And, so, I will not be let down at all if you are not able, or willing, to send them out. :)

Hope everyone's enjoying cooler weather (as we are lately, though somewhat wistfully) and making lots of Autumn (or even Hallowe'en!?) stitches.



Karen said...

I think I would like it with the darker color for a more checkboard look. But....I do like the way it looks now.

Wish I had the BBD designs to loan you...good luck in finding them.

Sandra said...

HI Berit,
It sounds like you are a very busy woman. I really love the way you finished my 2009 Sampler Ornament. The back is so cute. Good luck with all of your stitching demands. Beautiful work!!

Many Happy Stitches
Homespun Elegance

Anonymous said...

I think I would fill in the moon with the other yellow to make it look really bright, like a full autumn moon looks over an open field.

You and me both are on the hunt for those charts! Maybe contact Barb and Alma directly?

Myra said...

Wow Berit! You are very close to a finish on that one. I like the way it looks now but I think the darker yellow would look good too. (I know, I am no help at all) :o) I love your progress on the PS ornament - especially the sewing machine. I would love to stitch just the sewing machine as a fob or pinkeep.

I wish I had those charts to loan you. Hopefully some kind soul will have them to offer you.

Deborah said...

I like the moon just the way it is. I may have some of the charts you need. I will have to go through the stash. I will let you know.

Melissa said...

I love the PS pieces, Berit. I think Natalie's idea sounds great - filling the moon with another yellow to make it really bright.

Berit, let me know if you get stuck with the BBD charts. I had loaned out the entire set to someone who (ahem) I may never see again. I think I may have some returned to me but not every one. *drat*

Anonymous said...

Well, my thought on the moon is to go round again with the same colour, but it looks like I might be in the minority so far ;)

I love the start on your PS ornament and I don't think the machine looks washed out at all. I think the whole thing looks very soft, muted and antique looking (which is a good thing, BTW!) I'm afraid I can't help with the BBD charts, but I hope someone else can.

Christina said...

I love the moon as it is Berit. Every time I see your progress on this design it reminds me of my longing to have a large display of PS Halloween designs on my kitchen wall. Of course I haven't even stitched one yet, so it remains just a longing!
I have Loose Feathers #31, #32 & #33. You are more than welcome to borrow time restriction!!

Carol said...

I like the way you've stitched the moon already, Berit--looks great! You've really done a wonderful job on this piece and it makes me want to get mine out to stitch in September...

Your PS Santa is lovely--I think the machine looks wonderful--doesn't look at all washed out to me!

Good luck finding all of the charts--I own none of them so I can't help you out, but knowing this stitching community we have, you'll be all set in no time :)

Margaret said...

It would be fun to have the rest of the moon area in a darker color, but I'm sure it'll look great either way. I'll have to check the stash on the BBD pieces. I've lost track of what I have! lol!

Bonnie said...

I like the idea of the darker yellow.
Your Ps Santa is looking great. I love the sewing machines too.

That is a beautiful sampler by BBD. Hope you find someone to let you borrow it.

Sharlotte said...

Love the stitching! Your camera shows it off nicely! I'm with the other girls about the moon.

I wish I had those BBD charts. I really like that grouping as well.

Have a good rest of the week!

Hazel said...

I didn't collect the most recent Loose Feathers either but now I'm drooling over them. They do look amazing. I hope you can get them. x

Blu said...

Option 2: go with Sunflower. I think it'd look great.

Great start on Santa. Although I always wonder about these non-Christmas-time Santas. Why is he wearing his outfit? I mean, "business" attire 24/7? Hasn't the Mrs got him onto casual clothing?
Just the way my mind wanders lol!

Brigitte said...

I think I'd leave it as it is now. But it's all a question of taste adn most commenters have opted for the darker thread so far.
What a great new start on the PS Santa. And all over one on 36ct, very impressive.
I only have two of the BBD charts you are looking for, so this isn't really helpful.

Sally said...

I really like it the way it is but you need to go for what you really think. I love the whole thing. It looks fantastic.

The PS Santa looks brilliant. Wonderful start. Love your ornament in your previous post.

I don't have those BBD charts anymore I'm afraid.

Suzanne said...

Great stitching on your PS pieces. I like the moon just the way it is, it's a little bit different.

Looks like everyone has been bitten by this BBD mystery sampler bug. I have all the charts, but I am still working on my piece. I have had many requests to part with mine, but I just can't. When I have finished this piece, you are welcome to borrow whichever chart you would like.

Siobhan said...

The moon looks great, Berit! I hope that you were able to get the BBD charts.