Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Halloween Biscornu!

A little before Halloween 2008 I began customizing a common biscornu pattern to have a Halloween Theme. I have to say that I simply love Halloween Stitiching!!! I truly do think it is the best one for my tastes. I could ramble on for a long time about how I made the design, and what I think about this and that, but I truly want to hurry up the post so that I can get back to stitching today! (As well as housework... >_>)

Here is the "front" which I originally hoped would be the back...the "Spooky Jack" button is so charming! This is using DMC threads, and an unknown (probably charles craft 14ct) cream aida. I started this before I knew where to buy linen! The bead is actually from the same Japanese maker who does the Mill Hill beads, but in a larger size sold in as a Jewelry-making supply.

And the back--you can see why it became to busy for the button, eh? so on this side I simply used a a purple bead with a brassy orange shine.

My dear boyfriend is afraid of these spiders!! :D

I am in love with this bat!! >_<

I worked for a long while testing out stars, and in the end couldn't decide...

...So I used both styles!

It also looks good on a dusty plum ground!!

And this side, too!

And even keeping me company beside my PowerBook! As you can see, I am like a doting parent who takes WAY too many pictures! I had been thinking of this finish for a long time, but what finally motivated me to commit to it is a desire to join the HalloSal, which seems to be a French forum dedicated to the Halloween Stitch-a-long which was organized by GenCat after last Halloween (Get it--HalloSAL?) There are many SAL groups for things regarding Christmas (That most-stitchy of holidays), but nothing much for Haloween which is gaining popularity in the stitchy world, from what I understand. I first read about this group WAAAY back on Lili's Blog (just google for xstitch blog and she's one of the first hits as "Another Cross Stitch Addict"--along with Becky SC!) So, I am eagerly hoping to be a member at least until the end of the year-long group! I will have to shake Speed up to get something ready for the first of June, when the next ornament is due to be shown.

As for the Tiny Treasures Exchange, I was a good girl and stitched up my project a few weeks ago--however I have had to wait on the finances for mailing and finishing! So, in case you have come here from that blog, fear not, I have not forgotten my commitment to you even though my blog falls silent on the subject!

Here is something else altogether, a current WIP: freebie from the Brooke's Books Interactive Yahoo group: "Winter Panty".

And one more for good measure!

P.S. Please visit Yuko's Be Happy Blog for a chance to win the lovely Lily of the Valley pin keep she has made to celebrate her 3rd Anniversary with Cross Stitch! The contest will be decided a week from Sunday, Japanese time.

P.P.S. Yuko has added yet another Lily of the Valley pinkeep in a drawing, so don't forget to enter both contests!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Child

Edgar is having yet another giveaway, this time to celebrate the second anniversary of his blog Blacksheep's Bit of the Web. It is to be a mystery prize drawn on May 9th, I believe. Be sure to visit his blog for the full details and to enter!

As for me, I'm working to finish up the stitching on my mother's gift for (you guessed it!) Mother's Day. It is LHN/CC's "Believe". I am totally not sure how to finish it. I had initially been considering a pyn keepe or mattress pincushion, but I've never tried those finishes before. Additionally, it's turning out to be a bit over 5" square--BIG, it seems to me! Pics of the finish next time!