Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stitching Tragedy and a Sneak Peek~*!

Yesterday evening, I defrosted some cookie dough batter I'd made, sliced some Dove Dark, pressed the shards into the sliced dough, and baked:

Mnn! Because they are "well-done", you can taste the fresh ginger I grated into the vanilla extract.

Why I so-enjoyed those cookies:

I have so little stitching mojo. Yet, I SO wanted to own this darling leaping rabbit biscornu. Ever since I saw the one Myra made, I've dreamed of having it. Now, I've pretty much learned that I don't like to stitch biscornu. Particularly Floss Box's Biscornu. They look small, but they are huge (don't laugh, all your Ann, Mary, Elizabeth stitchers. They're totally larger than they look finished, so that makes them big. ;) Also, it's the same thing 4x!! Whether I stitch each quadrant to completion for variety, or do the duplicate parts all in sequence for assembly-line efficiency, it's still a chore to slog through. Particularly for all those fiddly little color changes. (All you in the HaED Peanut Gallery can keep your opinions to yourself. :D).

My point: This is most definitely not Process Stitching. Oh, no, it was all about the Destination. Which now can't be reached because IT'S NOT SQUARE!

I checked it. Oh, yes. Because it came from an LNS who-shall-not-be-named who always sells me the wrong count of fabric. They are forever miss-marked. It SHOULD have been 32, but my check showed me that it was 28. I pondered, b/c I wanted the finished product smaller, but went ahead b/c the fabric was cute. BUT, I didn't check that it was square. :( Gah!

Not sure what will become of these bunnies now. We shall see.

Weather Report: When it isn't raining this week, it's snowing, and last night we even had hail and lightning!

Yet today there's my favorite clear sky with puffy, fluffy cloud combination. :)

These tracks on a neighboring roof keep getting washed away or snowed over, yet someone keeps making them again and again. :)


Now, a sneak peek of my first design~

~"Fence-Cat's Hallowe'en"~

The colors are not quite showing true (the linen is more of a rich plummy brown), but enjoy, nonetheless! This will be a freebie design once I rustle up some interfacing, dye some trim and do some model-finishing!

Happy Spring (and Halloween) All,