Monday, January 21, 2013

Saturday's Stitching

It's not Christmas Ornament finishing, but..."B"?

There's an ornament! :D And that's Jenny Bean's Christmas Sampler. And the wonderful red fox (and bunny) tote from Myra which I use to hold q-snaps when I am home.


I thought stitching myself a valentine was just the thing when I saw this early Saturday evening. 

Design: "~* Be My Valentine Freebie *~" by Primitive Betty's
Fabric: 36 ct. Days Gone By
Fiber: DMC 115 (of course)

If you feel like you'd better love yourself a little more, why not make one for yourself? 

I want to finish it using some of that twisted cord made from DMC I see around the internets; but I don't know how to make it. Do you, dear reader? Or do you know a good tutorial? Does one need a tool to construct it?

THANK YOU for your wonderful comments and good wishes. I am doing my best to hang in there, still, and meanwhile trying not to over-succumb to the cold Marc brought home. I have hopes of making replies to your kind comments soon. ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Photos from Here

Notice: In retrospect; I almost can't recommend reading the content in the following blog post;
Perhaps you ought to consider simply enjoying the pictures?  ~*

Astonishingly, and for various reasons perhaps not interesting to enumerate here, I've begun stitching on BBD's Mystery Sampler again. The idea is stitching as therapy in between finishing the I-did-not-realize-it-was-this-numerous pile of smalls I've accumulated. It is an entity large enough to require a name--perhaps "Legion, for it is many". I don't even know how many. Contemplating finding out, though...

I want to catalogue the progress in small increments; I want to see how amazed I can be by progress pics. Isn't that green nice?

Recently, I've received some wonderful foods from friends. My very good friend, Jen, who amazingly runs her family's restaurant, but rarely cooks, prepared this Lebanese desert for me for my birthday/Christmas. It's kanafeh, and boy was it wonderful. It's beautiful, aromatic, so sweet yet so satisfying. Please try some if you get the chance!

This is an egg with cucumber sandwich Marc recently surprised me with, call it a "souvenir" of a trip he made with friends to the grocery store for the ingredients to make okonomiyaki; It had been arranged that I was to prepare it for our friend group, but Did Not really want to shop then cook. A favorite food to look at and eat. I love that shade of yellow. 

This is a new packaging method they've begun using; I adore the sticker. :)

fr. Prairie Schooler Bk 151: Santas and Snowmen

Linen: 32 Ct. Sandstone by Wichelt
Fibers: Recommended DMC
(Notes: I imitated this finish out of admiration for those by Carol and Myra)

A Prominent Project in my mind for over a year is a long-held plan to have a yearly ornament dedicated to The Family or Our Love. Also, to extend this retroactively to the first Christmas Marc and I spent together, which is 2005. I've only been stitching since about 2008, so that would be a backtrack of 3 years, but why not? But looking at the body of ornaments I've stitched for more-or-less this project, many were published AFTER the years I need to match with ornaments. 
i.e., Am I in danger of opening a singularity if I put the date of 2006 on Plum Street Sampler's "Yuletide" (pub. JCS 2011?), and dedicate it to our love? At the very least it may be a violence to historical accuracy. I thought of adding the proper date of production (2012-2013), with a "ded.", but isn't that also used for "deceased" as well as "dedicated"? At least in public perception?

Here is the back; 2012 is the 8th Christmas we spent together--seems amazing! I have some more to say about this design--I actually stitched it 3x this holiday season!!--but will keep it for another time. My motto was definitely "finished is better than perfect" here--and one of the others which I gave as a gift; and even finished first is much more nicely done! I actually completed the finishing on this shortly after the new year.

fiber: DMC 4210
Linen: 32 ct. "Raw" by Zweigart

More New Year's finishing. I stitched this after falling deeply in love with BeckySC's version a few(?) years ago, and went ahead with knocking out the finishing so I could have it well in advance of Valentine's 2013. I don't recall any particulars about the design; it may be an old French Saijou piece.
I think I was testing changing the alphabet "joints"; do you see how they are different? Well, I can't recall where it is "safe" to frog anymore, and though I like the right side better, I also like the variation--calling it as "prim". This is a special piece in that it uses part of my first "real" piece of linen, and my at-the-time favorite DMC overdye. I feel that it is a bit of a time-capsule piece for me. 

I love these buttons, though perhaps not on this piece, but I bought them an eon ago for this purpose and decided to forge ahead!! 

The back, or "More Finished Is Better Than Perfect." 

fr. Prairie Schooler Bk. 143: Button Up
Fabric: 32 ct. Ivory by Wichelt
Fibers: Recommended DMC

I have Autumn and Christmas Stitched goods a'plenty, and spring, too. Oddly, I have more "by me, for me, finished by me" for spring than any other season. The other seasons, who are well represented, lack finishing in comparison). But Winter? I had Not One winter finish. Because I'd tracked down a copy of OOP Prairie Schooler Button Up for a Christmas Present (More on that later), I was also able to stitch this little piece of goodness for me! 

I have long wanted to add a white beaded edging to something, and here for these smalls was my chance--it just seems snowy to me in the best way!

Here's an in-progress shot to show off the "Winter" caption I added. I borrowed PS lettering from other charts. It does not show much, but I know it is there. Also in the background is a pincushion I made for myself to help with quilting/finishing while I was making some for gifts this Christmas. 

Friends, Thank you for your indulgence today during your visit, and your friendship always. A few of you I very much owe emails/need to catch up with. My blog-reading is sporadic, my commenting non-existent. Generally, I want to say how much I have enjoyed your posts when I am able, and a particular mention--seeing Annemarie's return to blogging has treated me to a great and effervescent joy. :D :D :D Somehow, I have not been able to tell her so on her own blog yet, so saying it now here. Perhaps she'll even see it. If you by some odd circumstance aren't familiar with her fine blog--please visit. You are in for something special. 

Oh, also--Christina, thank you for the special gift. It meant so much to me, I still don't know what to say. I am very sorry for this. 

I do hope all is very well with every one of you. As for us, If you are able and willing, PLEASE send whatever good thoughts, prayers, etc. which you think appropriate our way. We particularly need Wisdom and Opportunities. 

Love to Friends,