Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Ornament Challenge!

I'm taking part in the 2011 followup to last year's Pumpkin Challenge, the Christmas Ornament Challenge! I thought it was a good opportunity to motivate myself to stitch an ornament I have been wanting on my tree for a few years, but never got around to stitching. More accurately, I stitched it for an exchange, but then it was LOST in the mail (Later UK Post reported it as Stolen, of all things) and I had to re-stitch. I can tell you, I stitched a different piece and I completely lost my mojo for stitching my own!

So, yesterday I started, and today I finished up the last third of the pedestal and did the long stitches--hooray!

I don't have any info on this chart; I was inspired by Anita's finish of this, and wanted to make my own (I used the same thread as her version; I only remember that it is by Threadworx. It is stitched 1/1 on a 28 ct. evenweave; I THINK the color was called Mushroom. I looked around a bit, and I see it listed about halfway down this page as a 2008-2009 free chart.

Anita is great to work with; just email her if you are interested and I bet she'll set you up!

Too bad she doesn't sell Finishing Mojo; I think I can eek some out of The Challenge, however. ;)
Speaking of setting up, I want to thank everyone who responded to let me know about that PS Chart I asked after last time! I was pleased to learn that the chart, Bk. 63 "Christmas Traditions", also contains the other PS Christmas pattern my heart so pines for--even more than the one I asked about! It contains the verse "O Christmas Tree" and is loaded with rabbits. :D

I am also happy (shocked, but happy) that Sadie was even willing to lend me her copy! :o So, thanks everybody and especially Sadie!


Considering this stuffed squash for dinner; Chef John's recipes are on the whole easy and awesome; but I am still thinking, "Oh, if only this would make itself!"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"November" finished already?!

I just put the last three letters into this piece!

But, is it done? I put this one off because I was not sure about the word "nights". I don't think I like the "n", and the "g" looks like a digital display numeral"9". Also, I was pondering how to sign it. Now, I am pondering "if".

fr. Prairie Schooler Bk No. 149 "November"
Fabric: 28ct. Purely Primitive linen by Silkweavers
Fibers: Mostly cotton overdye picked by me; some recommended DMC.

Moving on, "Have You Seen Me?":

Saw this in my wanderings the other day, the stitcher said nothing more than that it was an old PS, and a favorite of the family, and that she stitched it in 1997. I only know that it is amazing, and probably OOP, and that I am perishing to know the title if nothing else! Any stitchers out there with any info? :D

Finally, because I am perishing for want of them, I share with you some Macarons from a City trip several weeks ago:

Feast your eyes upon (from foreground L snaking around to foreground R): Rhubarb (filling too wet and smooshy), Cassis (my favorite!), Early Grey (Too Strong--I know, blasphemy), Pistachio, Lemon, Mocha, Apricot, and Lemon (Marc chose 4, and I chose 4; hence the Luscious Lemon Repetition.).

Yes, these are from the same place from whence came the cast iron teapot of a recent post.

Happy Mid-Week!