Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"November" finished already?!

I just put the last three letters into this piece!

But, is it done? I put this one off because I was not sure about the word "nights". I don't think I like the "n", and the "g" looks like a digital display numeral"9". Also, I was pondering how to sign it. Now, I am pondering "if".

fr. Prairie Schooler Bk No. 149 "November"
Fabric: 28ct. Purely Primitive linen by Silkweavers
Fibers: Mostly cotton overdye picked by me; some recommended DMC.

Moving on, "Have You Seen Me?":

Saw this in my wanderings the other day, the stitcher said nothing more than that it was an old PS, and a favorite of the family, and that she stitched it in 1997. I only know that it is amazing, and probably OOP, and that I am perishing to know the title if nothing else! Any stitchers out there with any info? :D

Finally, because I am perishing for want of them, I share with you some Macarons from a City trip several weeks ago:

Feast your eyes upon (from foreground L snaking around to foreground R): Rhubarb (filling too wet and smooshy), Cassis (my favorite!), Early Grey (Too Strong--I know, blasphemy), Pistachio, Lemon, Mocha, Apricot, and Lemon (Marc chose 4, and I chose 4; hence the Luscious Lemon Repetition.).

Yes, these are from the same place from whence came the cast iron teapot of a recent post.

Happy Mid-Week!



JulieF1962 said...

That is an OOP Prairie Schooler chart #63 entitled "Christmas Samplers." There is one on ebay at the moment.

Patty C. said...

Great work Berit ;)

BeckySC said...

I think November looks great as is :) Lovely stitching!

Penny said...

Beautiful stitching!
The sweets look delicious ~ I don't know if I would have been willing to share. :)

Vonna said...

I think November looks SPECTACULAR :) I love it! and that old PS is from Christmas Samplers (I'm pretty sure) lemme look real quick...yep Christmas Samplers bookl #63..

Hazel said...

Love your November finish and the PS one is adorable. I have never had those macaroons but they sure look good. x

Jackie said...

November looks fantastic! The g in nights is a bit different than the g in nights but I honestly didn't notice what you described in your post about bothering you. The letters throughout the piece seem to move up and down, so the g does not look out of place to me.

Can you believe I've never had a macaroon?

Deborah said...

I wish I had done the smaller PS November design. Yours is beautiful and the colors are much cheerier. Those cookies look so yummy.

Carol said...

Love your November piece, Berit--I hadn't noticed the little fox standing in that one until you posted it... I think the "n" and "g" look fine, but it's up to you :)

Oh, those macaroons look scrumptious--not sure about the Rhubarb flavor though!!

Myra said...

I think November looks fabulous! Those letters seem to fit in just fine to me. Now...did you have to go showing those macaroons?!

Becky K in OK said...

Great stitches. Can't ever go wrong with Prairie Schooler.

valerie said...

Great finish!

Oooo, macarons! Love! There's this little place Miette where I buy mine. I bought their cookbook. Would love the learn how to make them from scratch!

Giovanna said...

Love your November finish! I think the lettering looks fine. I've actually stitched that PS Christmas sampler, lol. So I confirm the identification by other stitchers (sorry, not selling my chart).

Lynn said...

It's beautiful Berit! I think the lettering looks just fine.
I hadn't seen that PS before now but I sure like it.
I've never seen coloured macaroons like that! They look oh so yummy!

Catherine said...

Your piece looks beautiful!! I don't mind the lettering, but if it's no looking right to you then you should play around with it. I've done that a time or two and I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

It would be nice if PS would start rereleasing some older charts - it's a sin how much people want for them. I wish I had that one to let you borrow!

Brigitte said...

Oh, my favourite designer, Prairie Schooler. I love this little piece and think it's perfect.
Christmas Samplers is one of the few books by PS that I don't have in my collection. Unfortunately it has never been reprinted and so I think I'll never own it. Good for you that Sadie let you borrow it from her. Have fun stitching it.

staci said...

Congrats on your Thanksgiving finish...I was just look at that chart last night!

So glad you were able to find that PS, it's wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful stitching on your PS piece. I really love you Christmas PS piece as well.

The macarons are so yummy looking. I bought some a few weeks ago, but missed out eating any, the girls and my husband were a little too quick.