Friday, November 27, 2009

A Winner is You!

Everyone, we have a winner!

Robin, an order with Carol for Sew Winter has been placed--check your inbox; it could even be there now!

Thank you all so much for your support of this giveaway; I am truly touched. I've joked to a few of you that I wasn't sure how to handle the draw--initally I figured that the number of entrants would make flipping a coin the most reasonable way to determine *which* entrant won. And, even then I was thinking that I'd have to enter myself, and keep flipping 'till the other person won!

While entering your names into the randomizer, and reading your dear comments I was struck with a pang of sorrow--could you all not win? The Sew Series is sew(so) affordable...I actually did the calculation for how much it would cost to gift you all with it! :P Unfortunately, for 47 entrants there was no way! So, if you really did like the chart, consider treating yourself for me--you'll be assuaging my guilt in a big way. ;) But, in all seriousness, I was sad to learn from Carol several weeks ago upon ordering her Sew Noel that while she had had over 1,000 requests for her free charts, only a (literal) handful of people had thus far clicked that paypal link to pay the small fee for Sew Noel. So, remember the Sew Series you have DL'ed been generously gifted with--and think on her newer charts. I can vouch for the fact that they make a GREAT gift. ;) You could give your stitchy friends (If they don't have her charts yet) 4 charts for only $4! Show me a better deal in just-released designs--plus they are so charming; dear and just-right for travel stitching and making gifts. Well, that's enough of my salesgirl soapbox; I'm now off to accompany some friends on a bit of Black Friday shopping; wish me luck!

With Thankfulness that my first turkey (19.8 lbs.) ever came out moist and juicy, I remain

Drowsily Yours,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Wish-Its (2)

And here just in time for tomorrow is Myra's rendition of the Primitive Bettys' freebie "Thankful". I've seen a number of darling finishes of this around, but it was Myra's use of that gorgeous green which made me move this one from the "Oh, That's Cute" mental pile into the "Oh, I'll Probably Stitch This One Up" pile. :D If by chance you're not familiar with her blog, I really recommend it! Her "Mini Ziggy" is sure to bring a smile to your face, and I'm looking forward to watching progress on her ambitious "Dog's Day Out" project. Check her out!:D

Here's another tasty snacklet of a freebie from Primitive Bettys: Wicked by the talented-yet-having-to-spend-all-her-time-slaving-away-to-prepare-for-moving Barbara Oh, how I love this!! The edging (I think it's vintage)! The pins! *swoons* unfortunately, she said this one stays with her--and I guess she meant it because it hasn't shown up in my mailbox yet! :P lol Through a string of trying to find the link on her blog where she discusses this finish, I wound up reading the 2008 September archive--Go look at it for a treasure trove of one-year-ago goodness you might otherwise miss! I only became aware of her excellent blog recently, and after seeing that archive month am wondering what else I am missing--I need to spend some quality time with the stitchery porn that is her archives. You won't be disappointed if you do, too (even if you have known her of old; a walk down memory lane will not be amiss!!)

Have I mentioned that I am just this side (and which side that is is up to you, Dear Reader, to discern) of batty for Hallowe'en designs?? Well, this cadre of last-minute seasonal stitching I'm rolling out will certainly enlighten you should you have somehow failed to perceive it. :P Why, yes, I do plan to continue my "It's the Witching Time/Season of the Harvest Moon, B!tches" Campaign right up until the last minute (Midnight, Turkey Day). Aaannd, then it'll be time to go live with phase II: "Pretending My Watch Broke".

Well, at any rate, here is Valie's wonderful windfall stitched by Claudine. Now I must confess that I am new to knowing Valie, and don't know her generous friend at all; neither do I know (though I burn to) the origin of this design. I think it might be even an original or interpretation. Perhaps I will look into finding out when I raise my bravery high enough! Well, I do think it's just wonderful, however. :D

(Edit: Valerie has commented to let me know that this is a Stacy Nash Primitives design entitled "Hallows Eve". You will unfortunately have to scroll down the page to get it as I can't get a more direct link than "Fall Patterns". Good news is that you can purchase directly via email!)

And that's it for today, folks: short (Ha!) and sweet for your pre-holiday viewing. On that Thankful Ornie--there's Still Time if you hunt through your stash now, lol.

'Till next week, I remain


P.S. This has been a pre-made post, but I want to thank everyone for the *overwhelming* response to my tiny giveaway! Here I was thinking that no one would even notice it was there at all! Thanks for making my week so much fun; I've been really enjoying reading your comments (and opinions on Sunlit Sky. So far; leaning towards frogging both and putting in the Cider. Also, I have learned that Chamomile is "green", which previously escaped me! :P) There are still 2 days to enter, so scroll down and enter on that post only if you'd like a chance at winning either Sew Winter or Sew Noel. :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Stash for Me; a Giveaway for You

Hello, everyone. Down Sunshine Lane offers a Birthday Club Discount, so I decided for my birthday to "bite the bullet" and try out some Rolaframes. Somehow *a few* other things wound up in the box...

Here's the lot; the rolaframes are hiding in the back. (I got the 6" sidebars and the two shortest links of rollers.)

Praiseworthy Stitches' Simple Gifts: Love (I really agonized over which one of this series to get; in the end I just went for the first. I love how the "2008" looks, but of course it won't be 2008 when I get around to stitching it. Thanks, which is just coming out also looks really excellent.), Jardin Privé's Gentleman Quaker (Figured I'd better get it, since it's imported and all. I like this guy better than the gal; he's a total Mr. Darcy.), and Prairie Schooler's Fox And Grapes (Have been drooling over this since Edgar worked it for an exchange--and of course those F&G scissors of last Wednesday!! I can't have those, so this will have to do!) Really, you can definitely see Edgar's influence all over this section; I have fallen for Quakers but hard. I'm planning to do it on a darker linen, and will probably also tweak the colour of the house...but to what? :)

Blue Ribbon Designs' Christmas Sentiments Vol. 3. (Or, Owls = YES.)
That Mill Hill kit is the last of its series that I have yet to stitch; I got going on them earlier this year and finished my first (the "French Horn") in the same hour that Michael Jackson died. I thought about including a dedication to him on the back...but then I remembered that I didn't want to become an Elvis-style devotee. I've always been such an MJ fan; his Off the Wall album is the best/my favorite. Well, so, I ordered for this one AGES ago from my LNS, but it was backordered and then they forgot to tell me when it came in, so it is my good luck to have seen it when I went in on Saturday. :D

Here are the 2 flosses I picked up at LNS along with Holiday Harmony Harp: GAST Antique Rose (was running low) and Apple Cider (because I always fondle it, and I do so love mulled ciders. Yummm) The pic shows the floor because I was wanting "variety", and also to admire how nice my new bedspread looks with our wood floors (I've always wanted wood floors, and though we will enter our fourth year here in December, I've wanted them all my life and still haven't gotten over them. :D)

Here's a pic of Beneath the Sunlit Sky. Almost done now, and just getting fussy over the details. I decided I didn't like the way the date was charted and so remade it. And...I loved the Cider so much that I talked myself into thinking it would look good there. Well...Not so much, I think. Also, it's one pixel (stitch) too high, so It'll have to come out. I'm more or less planning to re-stitch it in Chamomile as called for. How obedient I am!

Or--Brainstorm--should I send the frogs to the roof and make the roof be Cider??? Maybe then "2009" will not be so standoutish and lonely--and I could keep that rich colour. I'd love your two cents, Reader--Is Cider a Keeper or a Clasher in this piece?

Now, then, for all those who have fought the good fight I'd like to offer you a Small Don't-Blink-or-You'll-Miss-It GIVEAWAY!

Thinking upon it, I've come to the conclusion that it is actually the smallest giveaway I've ever happened across...and I do take a perverse pleasure in that. :P Perhaps we ought to call it a party favor. But only for one of you. (Was there a Mrs. Scrooge? No? Well...)

Why am I so happy to be giving such a meager item: Because it is the price but not the gift that is insignificant!!

To the Lucky Entrant your choice of the newly released "Sew Winter"


"Sew Noel".

...And there may be *more*, as well! Carol is just starting out releasing her beautiful designs at large, and the first 3 (Sew Red, Sew Blue, and Sew Autumn--scroll down past Sew Noel to view them) were free (and still are with a purchase). So, if the lucky winner does not have these, well, let me know and I can request that Carol send them along with your "favor". :) Sew Autumn and Sew Winter are of a set, and so are have corresponding dimensions, fyi.

So, How to Enter
: Simply leave a comment on this post.

When you win
: I'll give Carol your email addy: the prize arrives right in your inbox ready to fly from your printer to your stitchy fingers. (If your blog doesn't have your email, please give it to me.)

Requirements: None save having an email (blog not required) at which to receive this digital print-it-yourself pattern. You do not need to blog this to qualify, though I certainly wouldn't mind meeting some new people, so if you feel like spreading the word by all means please do. :)

Entry Deadline: Midnight on the States' Thanksgiving Day (up through the very last minute of Thursday, 26 November 2009 Eastern Standard Time).

I hope everyone will be having a wonderful and blessed (and short Work)week. Let's look forward to Thanksgiving and starting the Christmas Season off right. :D

With hopes that this Season will bring you more "favor" than I ever could, I remain

Yours Stash-ily,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday the 13th: One Week Later

Hello, Everyone! Let's see if I can keep my windbag act, well, in the bag this morning (don't hold your breath; 3 hours sleep again as Dear Marc pulled an all-nighter for work.)

This week's progress on PS 148 When Witches Go Riding:

I'm not too happy with my progress on this for a number of reasons. (Still waiting on more fibers; just how slow can one woman stitch; should have finished the very last bit on Sunlit Sky instead, but followed alt. specialty stitch plan made for me at LNS for roof and it was not centered in the end!! But, when I see it in the hosting album alongside the previous pic I can't help being favorably impressed.)

The first of my Birthday Stash arrived yesterday. From Right: Birds of a Feather Meadowlark 36ct (it even shows in a stamp at the binding) and Birds of a Feather Sparrow 32ct. That other triangle is a corner of When Witches (Which is R&R Pilgrim Brown) I tossed in to show how positively pale it looks alongside the other two I *thought* it was brown but now see it as somewhere in the neighborhood of "off white": These BoF linens have GUTS. In last night's artificial light the Sparrow almost seemed to do a red n' green clash with itself, but thankfully sunlight shows it to better advantage. I've been seeing these for a while over at Edgar's, and so am really happy to finally have some samples. I had hoped to use the Meadowlark for an upcoming exchange, but now see that it doesn't suit my fibers: one of 'em 'll have to go--this qsnap ain't big enough for the both of 'em. :P Well, in any case, I have other plots, too. I think this stuff just can't be topped for prim and Hallowe'en stitching. My head might explode trying to calculate what to do first! I could go for the finishing combo: a Prim Halloween design--Be still my heart!

Here's a Birthday present from Marc of one of my favorite perfumes. While I do think the bottle is just as pretty as the fragrance contained within, the point of this pic...

...would be the thread drops I up-cycled the paper box into! Now, my "production" skills are rusty in recent years, but I still feel pleased with the result after allowing them some quality time with a bone burnisher. Now, I can "enjoy" the charming box instead of just hoarding it as more clutter. (At least 2 verifiable generations of those hoarders in my family; the jury's still out on exactly how debilitating it'll be to my funcitoning...:P)

Well, I'm off to (sleep) rip the specialty roof out of Sunlit Sky; but with best wishes for your pre-holiday stitchy weekend I remain

Yours in Stitching,

Edit: Erynne is having a super Giveaway to celebrate her 2nd Blogging anniversary: a $75 USD shopping spree at Anita's Little Stitches to one lucky entrant!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Wish-It(s)

I've decided to *appropriate* a blogging idea from the multi-talented Missy who I think acquired it from someone else: A post of things I Wish I had stitched (and own). Now in my morality this open theft is acceptable because I'm a) promoting the sources (with links, even)and b) re-hosting the images so I'm not stealing anyone's bandwidth. I consider it a compliment...but you may not. If you are one of my honored (though un-consulted) sources featured in this blog, and you're furious to see your lovely creations shown-off and praised herein (or even if you'd just *prefer* not to be here) please let me know and I'll respect your wish. I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder, only share a smattering of the images I keep saving to my desktop as I wander hither and 'yon on these internets.

So, Dear Reader, I present you with this Delightful Digest in hopes of cheering your Midweek.

Poncheka's beautiful piece is first--Now this is what I call Christmas Elegance!! I love everything, especially the sophisticated colour of the pearl beads she embellished with!

She finished this into a charming octagonal pillow, so follow the above link to her blog to see it in more detail! (I'm limiting my pilfering fingers to only ONE image per project! In my book it's one thing to pinch a picture, and another to burgle a whole blog's worth or work!) You won't be sorry you took a moment to see more pics of this beauty!

And here's another thing you've seen already: BBD's Stockings for September/October. While we're on the subject of wishing; I wish someone would magically reach into this photo and nudge the others aside so I could see the full design of the squirrel one second from left. I don't have any of their stocking books, and I feel myself caving: This may have to be the first.

Here is Primitive Bettys' My Favorite Kitten as stitched by the lovely Annemarie and accompanied by the dashing Pantoef. Her blogs are so wonderfully funny that I could just sit here and re-blog them to you all day, but I'm going to cut myself off and let you go read 'em yourself. (You know how 5 year olds will just corner you and let their wit flow long telling out some interminable "Because-it-was-so-funny" blow-by-blow in exhaustive detail? Well, I STILL do that. :) Ahem. The tale of her "My Favorite Kitten" is particularly funny because she *almost* held a drawing for the second kitten pictured as well. ;)
I've been eyeing this pattern for a while now, and Annemarie's charming modeling may just push me over the edge; acquisition is only one short click of the Primitive Bettys' link above, after all.

Here's another stunner from another superstar of the stitching world. Edgar Blacksheep (as I like to name him in my mind) is a talented needle who needs no introduction, but on the off chance that you haven't been by his place in a while, you must stop in to see his recently finished Hetty Child sampler! I am refraining from putting it here (One pilfer per person per post, Berit!), but it needs to be seen--by you! Edgar is one of the bloggers influencing me most since I began following the online Xstitch circle almost a year ago--they DO say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I can only hope that Edgar is also of this mind because in the last few months I have: ordered and made a penny rug like the one Vonna gifted him with, gone garage-saleing with my mom (who has always loved such pursuits), and finally ordered a quakery chart along with this PS Fox 'n Grapes.

Finally, I know that this isn't stitching, but it is definitely on my wish list: Fox n' Grapes Scissors!! If you like ciseaux (scissors) even a tiny bit please take a look--but be warned: Have your smelling salts at the ready: these beauties are very dear. (I've forgotten who shared this link in *someone's* comment forgetful thanks.)

That's it everyone! Here's hoping you have a smooth slide to the weekend.

I'm off to meditate on the Tenth Commandment, but remain


Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday in Springtime

Here, because it has been springlike-weather all weekend (to my great irritation: Why is it shorts-and-sandals weather in second-half of November!? I was shaking my fist at the sky all weekend. Do Not want to get sick due to yo-yo weather. But, if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em!)and even moreso today, follow a collection of summery items:

This is a long-long overdue show-off of the wonderfully citrus-y exchange I received from dear Ann (who is offering a charming swap today; head on over!) as her recipient in the Tiny Treasures Exchange (Floss Tag). The floss tag has appeared in the corners of some photos in my blog before, and says "Bobbins" on the primary side. The other two items are the extras she made for me--a complete "Sewing Set"!

The reverse side of the tag and the inside of the necessities pouch; so many nice pockets and a felt for needles and pins. How nicely it is made!

A details pic--see the hand-crocheted button loop? And the star-shaped stitch she used to attach the felt? And the beautiful embellishment on the sleeve keeper (In my ignorance I don't know what it is officially. I've been tucking my floss or smalls in-progress into it to keep them clean for travel).

Thank you so much, Ann, for this Exchange. I really do "treasure" it and have not put it away since it came in. I felt a little guilty about it at first because I read on her blog that she had been making the tag from before the exchange assignment and so perhaps had parted from it with difficulty upon seeing that the "bobbins" matched my initial. I hope it has not seemed that you gave it up only to have me not really appreciate it due to my late blogging of it, Ann! I completely love it!

And, here is a souvenir of my first encounter with the kindness of Stitchy Bloggers:

Some months ago I had been really admiring this darling "Watermelon Sampler" by Window Garden Designs which I came across on Terri's blog while googling for unusual alphabet samplers. Well, it was of course out of print, though at this point I was so green that I didn't know there was such a thing) until eventually I gave up and decided to try asking her directly if she had any leads on where I could buy a copy. She didn't though she very generously offered me her copy!! Stiching Bloggers are the Nicest People--I asked in person at the LNS only to have the owner not even know the designer at all. Another lady there did know it, had made every chart in the series, and proceeded to gloat very smugly about how she owned them all, had stitched them all multiple times...what a great fast stitch they great they were as a traveling stitch...and how she thought she'd do it again over one now that I'd brought it to her remembrance... I'll never forget her smug face! And this was when I was *brand new* and even said so sweetly. Honestly, would it have killed her to give me a copy of it? (Copyright be damned; if you're OOP and Out of Business and don't leave me a P.O. box to mail your Ten-Buckses to if I give out copies of your work, then that's just tough. I respect copyright, but consider that to be a morally gray area). Realistically, she's under no obligation to do anything for me at all, but was there any call to convert it into a gloat-session?*end rant* So, I had no expectation of a loan or any help at all from Terri, really, and was shocked by her kindness.

The first photo was *supposed* to show that the linen was a (28ct?) pastel yellow with the sparkly threads shot through here and there; Opalescence, is it? This one shows the stitches to better advantage, though the linen is still washed out. I already have a charming 5" frame for this, but have been putting it off because I'm playing around with stitching in a background to give it a "pinstripe" effect and "square out" the design. Also, I'd like to personalize it somehow, and haven't settled upon a method.

And because it really is Autumn after all, a Darling Roast, all seared up and ready to begin his day in the bath. :D Don't you love his "deglazed bits" accessory?
Can a Roast be of male gender (And be accessorized)? Yes, and yes.

I'm off to find an umbrella to put in my drink, but I remain


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Berit, Berit–Quite Contrary; How Does Your Garden Grow?

First some pretty pumpkins sprout–some a rather anemic white...

Then, the brown ground arises all around;

As Dirty Dishes in the Sink abound.


Here, also, are several hours of work. I frogged this little guy so many times trying to determine how I wanted to fill the background. Then, when I'd finally done it, I again ripped it out because I didn't like the lay of the colour variegation. OCD, Much? Hey, it's okay, Marc starts counting the clothes pins (we have orange and blue ones, and he knows how many of each.) And if they aren't on the line or in their little buckety-home, he Wants To Know Where They Are :D Or, he takes the lids off the tea sample tins and turns them so that they read the same direction as the labels. I feel that it's relevant to mention that the lids are printed with only the issuing company's logo, and nary a mention of the contents therein. :)

Aand, because I have no restraint, a pic of the whole kit. You may notice that I've run out of "brown", Yes, I probably need a whole 'nother skein. Yes, I used an entire one save 4 inches on that ground. Why, yes, I do think it's because I wastefully stitched vertically. Hey, I like the way it lies. Or, maybe I'm just an amateur who can't make stitches neat when working right to left. :P I also estimate that I will need more orange, and I was TOLD at the outset that I'd need 2 black, but I think 3 is a more reasonable number. (I'm reminded of the time that Missy said in an aside to a piece on her blog, "Oh, Yes–Floss Pig!!". I'm not sure that I'm ready to blame "When Witches", but the shoe fits at least one of us.)

So, some may kindly console me that this is good progress; admonishing me that I've nothing to be contrary about, well, I'll grant you that. :)

Then, what's got my goat? Well, it's my birthday tomorrow (I'll be all of seven and twenty, which gives me another pair of years 'till I reach the landmark age of "Twenty-Nine and Holding"), and by way of a treat I thought I'd finally add a pair of (Overpriced IMHO) Ginghers to my little dragon-hoard. I'd been admiring the red plaid (called Mia) since seeing them on Deb's blog a while back, and upon asking at my LNS after them, I received the info (delivered as one might expect a set-down to be, and after no small amount of Patent Denial of Their Existence) that this style was Gingher's yearly Joann exclusive. Well, after some more looking around, I wound up with a nice little coupon to save 40% off of the price, and wheedled dear Marc into making the rather Pilgrimage-y trip to get them (the area of Lovely Jersey in which I presently reside has something of a dearth of Joann's.) Well, when we get there, of course they are not on the rack, and after some debate on my part, I decided to try inquiring with the shop girls. Well, they WERE in a box on this table. But speaking to the other girl reveals that they've ALL sold. So, we go home and I make a call or two: also fresh out.

Here lifted from Deb's blog are Gingher Mia (Left) with Kelmscott's Tudor Rose (Right).

A cursory ebay check revealed that one can buy "Gingher Mia Embroidery" from any number of sellers; the listing I looked at was for the "RAre hard to find" item with a quantity of 5. The Price? MSRP $29.99. Ah, the middle-man(agement) as(s)priations of America. In another world, I could have had my choice (the lay of the pattern does vary, and we know from the above should-be-finished 6 hours ago cat tag how I feel about that :) of, oh, say 5 pair of Gingher Mia for the low, low price of $19.43 (Free Shipping ;))(assuming the county of X has Jersey's highest sales tax rate).

I'm not really *too* mad, certainly this behavior is legal enough, but is it right? I do get really steamed when people work this scheme on kids toys like Tickle Me Elmo (remember that guy?) or more recently the Wii. Christmas has already had its meaning and observance commercialized enough without citizens seizing upon the opportunity to take up privateering; these people really are all but hijacking inventory off the store shelves, and ergo Santa's knapsack.

Well, we have a splendid opportunity to admonish ourselves on the transitory nature of material goods and the desires of the flesh. How puritanically festive. :D

From atop my Hoard, I remain

Yours Dragonishly,