Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Berit, Berit–Quite Contrary; How Does Your Garden Grow?

First some pretty pumpkins sprout–some a rather anemic white...

Then, the brown ground arises all around;

As Dirty Dishes in the Sink abound.


Here, also, are several hours of work. I frogged this little guy so many times trying to determine how I wanted to fill the background. Then, when I'd finally done it, I again ripped it out because I didn't like the lay of the colour variegation. OCD, Much? Hey, it's okay, Marc starts counting the clothes pins (we have orange and blue ones, and he knows how many of each.) And if they aren't on the line or in their little buckety-home, he Wants To Know Where They Are :D Or, he takes the lids off the tea sample tins and turns them so that they read the same direction as the labels. I feel that it's relevant to mention that the lids are printed with only the issuing company's logo, and nary a mention of the contents therein. :)

Aand, because I have no restraint, a pic of the whole kit. You may notice that I've run out of "brown", Yes, I probably need a whole 'nother skein. Yes, I used an entire one save 4 inches on that ground. Why, yes, I do think it's because I wastefully stitched vertically. Hey, I like the way it lies. Or, maybe I'm just an amateur who can't make stitches neat when working right to left. :P I also estimate that I will need more orange, and I was TOLD at the outset that I'd need 2 black, but I think 3 is a more reasonable number. (I'm reminded of the time that Missy said in an aside to a piece on her blog, "Oh, Yes–Floss Pig!!". I'm not sure that I'm ready to blame "When Witches", but the shoe fits at least one of us.)

So, some may kindly console me that this is good progress; admonishing me that I've nothing to be contrary about, well, I'll grant you that. :)

Then, what's got my goat? Well, it's my birthday tomorrow (I'll be all of seven and twenty, which gives me another pair of years 'till I reach the landmark age of "Twenty-Nine and Holding"), and by way of a treat I thought I'd finally add a pair of (Overpriced IMHO) Ginghers to my little dragon-hoard. I'd been admiring the red plaid (called Mia) since seeing them on Deb's blog a while back, and upon asking at my LNS after them, I received the info (delivered as one might expect a set-down to be, and after no small amount of Patent Denial of Their Existence) that this style was Gingher's yearly Joann exclusive. Well, after some more looking around, I wound up with a nice little coupon to save 40% off of the price, and wheedled dear Marc into making the rather Pilgrimage-y trip to get them (the area of Lovely Jersey in which I presently reside has something of a dearth of Joann's.) Well, when we get there, of course they are not on the rack, and after some debate on my part, I decided to try inquiring with the shop girls. Well, they WERE in a box on this table. But speaking to the other girl reveals that they've ALL sold. So, we go home and I make a call or two: also fresh out.

Here lifted from Deb's blog are Gingher Mia (Left) with Kelmscott's Tudor Rose (Right).

A cursory ebay check revealed that one can buy "Gingher Mia Embroidery" from any number of sellers; the listing I looked at was for the "RAre hard to find" item with a quantity of 5. The Price? MSRP $29.99. Ah, the middle-man(agement) as(s)priations of America. In another world, I could have had my choice (the lay of the pattern does vary, and we know from the above should-be-finished 6 hours ago cat tag how I feel about that :) of, oh, say 5 pair of Gingher Mia for the low, low price of $19.43 (Free Shipping ;))(assuming the county of X has Jersey's highest sales tax rate).

I'm not really *too* mad, certainly this behavior is legal enough, but is it right? I do get really steamed when people work this scheme on kids toys like Tickle Me Elmo (remember that guy?) or more recently the Wii. Christmas has already had its meaning and observance commercialized enough without citizens seizing upon the opportunity to take up privateering; these people really are all but hijacking inventory off the store shelves, and ergo Santa's knapsack.

Well, we have a splendid opportunity to admonish ourselves on the transitory nature of material goods and the desires of the flesh. How puritanically festive. :D

From atop my Hoard, I remain

Yours Dragonishly,


Deb said...

Berit - I just love your pumpkins and your cat. I especially love the background for the cat - such a different way to set off the piece! And lifting pictures from blogs, uh? LOL Have you managed to find the scissors yet? I noticed a few pairs at my Joanne's this morning. I think I've got 40% off coupons laying around here so if you need a pair picked up, let me know and I'll be happy to do that.

And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about my stitching room. I'll post a better picture of my DMC sign when I update again. I honestly can't remember where I got that sign although I'm thinking that it was some country store somewhere along the line. I've had it for years. Not only did it represent the DMC thread line, but DMC were also my initials before I got married. Let me know about the scissors. My email is in my profile.

Littlebit said...

The pumpkin piece looks great!! And I have a little of that OCD stuff you mentioned, too. lol!

Angela P said...

What a wonderful new start :) Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

mainely stitching said...

Thank you with providing me with enough laughter to qualify reading your blog as an aerobic workout. ;)

Ranae said...

The stitching is looking great. Love the orange stitch behind the cat. I do hope you get a pair of those Mia's

Ranae said...

I forgot to mention.
Have a super duper Birthday!

Myra said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! You cracked me up with this post - hope you find those Mia's. I am wishing for a pair of those too. Your stitching looks great, love the anemic pumpkins. :o)

Annemarie said...

Heeey, happy birthday, girlie!!! How fun to bein the stitchy company of so many Scorpios :o)
Is it a Scorpio thing to be so OCD about your stitching? I totally understand where you're coming from, and yes, your pumpkin patch does look extremely nice this way.
From one OCD stitcher to the other: If you have trouble stitching from right to left, turn your fabric 180 degrees and stitch upside down. That way you get to stitch from left to right and your stitches will look as neat as ever.

Patti said...

Love the pumpkins and the cat. I think, okay I've been told, I have a bit of OCD too! Never mind I'll live.
Patti xxx

Siobhan said...

Happy birthday! I love the WIPs. I hope you are successful on your scissor quest!