Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Wish-It(s)

I've decided to *appropriate* a blogging idea from the multi-talented Missy who I think acquired it from someone else: A post of things I Wish I had stitched (and own). Now in my morality this open theft is acceptable because I'm a) promoting the sources (with links, even)and b) re-hosting the images so I'm not stealing anyone's bandwidth. I consider it a compliment...but you may not. If you are one of my honored (though un-consulted) sources featured in this blog, and you're furious to see your lovely creations shown-off and praised herein (or even if you'd just *prefer* not to be here) please let me know and I'll respect your wish. I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder, only share a smattering of the images I keep saving to my desktop as I wander hither and 'yon on these internets.

So, Dear Reader, I present you with this Delightful Digest in hopes of cheering your Midweek.

Poncheka's beautiful piece is first--Now this is what I call Christmas Elegance!! I love everything, especially the sophisticated colour of the pearl beads she embellished with!

She finished this into a charming octagonal pillow, so follow the above link to her blog to see it in more detail! (I'm limiting my pilfering fingers to only ONE image per project! In my book it's one thing to pinch a picture, and another to burgle a whole blog's worth or work!) You won't be sorry you took a moment to see more pics of this beauty!

And here's another thing you've seen already: BBD's Stockings for September/October. While we're on the subject of wishing; I wish someone would magically reach into this photo and nudge the others aside so I could see the full design of the squirrel one second from left. I don't have any of their stocking books, and I feel myself caving: This may have to be the first.

Here is Primitive Bettys' My Favorite Kitten as stitched by the lovely Annemarie and accompanied by the dashing Pantoef. Her blogs are so wonderfully funny that I could just sit here and re-blog them to you all day, but I'm going to cut myself off and let you go read 'em yourself. (You know how 5 year olds will just corner you and let their wit flow long telling out some interminable "Because-it-was-so-funny" blow-by-blow in exhaustive detail? Well, I STILL do that. :) Ahem. The tale of her "My Favorite Kitten" is particularly funny because she *almost* held a drawing for the second kitten pictured as well. ;)
I've been eyeing this pattern for a while now, and Annemarie's charming modeling may just push me over the edge; acquisition is only one short click of the Primitive Bettys' link above, after all.

Here's another stunner from another superstar of the stitching world. Edgar Blacksheep (as I like to name him in my mind) is a talented needle who needs no introduction, but on the off chance that you haven't been by his place in a while, you must stop in to see his recently finished Hetty Child sampler! I am refraining from putting it here (One pilfer per person per post, Berit!), but it needs to be seen--by you! Edgar is one of the bloggers influencing me most since I began following the online Xstitch circle almost a year ago--they DO say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I can only hope that Edgar is also of this mind because in the last few months I have: ordered and made a penny rug like the one Vonna gifted him with, gone garage-saleing with my mom (who has always loved such pursuits), and finally ordered a quakery chart along with this PS Fox 'n Grapes.

Finally, I know that this isn't stitching, but it is definitely on my wish list: Fox n' Grapes Scissors!! If you like ciseaux (scissors) even a tiny bit please take a look--but be warned: Have your smelling salts at the ready: these beauties are very dear. (I've forgotten who shared this link in *someone's* comment forgetful thanks.)

That's it everyone! Here's hoping you have a smooth slide to the weekend.

I'm off to meditate on the Tenth Commandment, but remain



Cindy F. said...

The scissors are incredible!! Thanks for sharing...and the beautiful finishes! LOVE the tree w/pearls!

Berit said...

Aren't they just!? Poncheka's beautiful tree (Oh, the pearls) is what "Inspired" me to do more with these pics than just hoard them on my desktop. :P

Barbeeque4 said...

You are so sweet Berit - Thank you for your kind words!!!

Daffycat said...

A nice idea, Berit. I'm the pround new owner of Annemarie's kitten, but I couldn't talk her into sending me the second kitty!

Those scissors are perfect! Aren't they wonderful?

Berit said...

Aw, shucks, Edgar.

To Daffycat: You lucky woman, you!! I read that the second one likes to try climbing framed stitching on the wall as much as sitting prettily beside it, so you may have had luck on the second point, too in the end. :D

Missy Ann said...

That is some very fine scissor porn. I've had my eye on the mother of pearl ones for a couple of years now.

I do love the piece with the pearls too. As to the stockings, you should order them. :D No really, they're not that difficult to put together and the Halloween ones stitched up very fast.

Berit said...

It really might be the tastiest scissor porn evar. When I win that lottery I never enter...Yumnnn stockings! Wonder where I should order them from.

Ann said...

I could have the same wish list as you Berit, everything is gorgeous! Thanks for posting about the exchange, very nice of you.

Siobhan said...

I agree, everything is just gorgeous, Berit! All of it is good porn, not just the scissors.

Berit said...

to Ann: It really is too much for you to thank me! It was so much fun, really! I had just purchased a new duvet cover and down comforter for the bedroom in a charming yellow stripe on white ground, and was really finding my yellow groove--so the sherbet colours of your set fit right in! You couldn't have chosen more appropriately had you been to my apartment.

Siobhan: Thanks for leaving such a nice comment with me on this--it's not my handwork, but I did spend a bit of time compiling; so it is nice to hear that someone enjoyed looking at it. :D