Friday, November 27, 2009

A Winner is You!

Everyone, we have a winner!

Robin, an order with Carol for Sew Winter has been placed--check your inbox; it could even be there now!

Thank you all so much for your support of this giveaway; I am truly touched. I've joked to a few of you that I wasn't sure how to handle the draw--initally I figured that the number of entrants would make flipping a coin the most reasonable way to determine *which* entrant won. And, even then I was thinking that I'd have to enter myself, and keep flipping 'till the other person won!

While entering your names into the randomizer, and reading your dear comments I was struck with a pang of sorrow--could you all not win? The Sew Series is sew(so) affordable...I actually did the calculation for how much it would cost to gift you all with it! :P Unfortunately, for 47 entrants there was no way! So, if you really did like the chart, consider treating yourself for me--you'll be assuaging my guilt in a big way. ;) But, in all seriousness, I was sad to learn from Carol several weeks ago upon ordering her Sew Noel that while she had had over 1,000 requests for her free charts, only a (literal) handful of people had thus far clicked that paypal link to pay the small fee for Sew Noel. So, remember the Sew Series you have DL'ed been generously gifted with--and think on her newer charts. I can vouch for the fact that they make a GREAT gift. ;) You could give your stitchy friends (If they don't have her charts yet) 4 charts for only $4! Show me a better deal in just-released designs--plus they are so charming; dear and just-right for travel stitching and making gifts. Well, that's enough of my salesgirl soapbox; I'm now off to accompany some friends on a bit of Black Friday shopping; wish me luck!

With Thankfulness that my first turkey (19.8 lbs.) ever came out moist and juicy, I remain

Drowsily Yours,


Shari said...

you make such a great point. It is so sad how many people ONLY want the freebies from designers & wont' buy the other charts. I bought sew noel & do want to buy sew winter. I haven't yet!
Hope your black friday shopping went well!!!! My husband & I did great!!!!!!!! We are home for the day now!

Patti said...

You really made a GREAT point. Look how many stitchers wanted Carol's charts so long as they were free and how many want them now. It's bad - really bad. It takes a lot of work for Carol to design, then stitch these charts. It isn't a five minute job.

I am so glad that you had a great turkey. And a great day shopping on Black Friday. Okay I give up what is Black Friday please?

Lots of Love

Patti xxx

Carol R said...

Thank you Berit for using Sew Winter as your giveaway. It's much appreciated that you are supporting my venture into designing and a thank you to all that left such lovely comments about my charts - it's nice to have some encouragement, and thank you too, to all who have already purchased Sew Noel and Sew Winter.

Shari said...

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving shopping here in the US. Many stores open at 4 or 5 am & have super duper deals. We made it out at 5 am today. We got lots of deals!

Violet Viola Viooltje said...

Congratulations to Robin!

As to your and Carol's question, I would be glad to buy these charts, but as so many others in my country, we / I don't own or use creditcards, nor do I have paypal or any electronic bank.
I think the use of creditcards is not as common everywhere in the world as it is in the US or England?

How can we, the not able to pay virtual stitchers, order...?
For me it is not the price of the chart, but it is the fact that I can't pay (at this moment) via the online way.

Barbara said...

Now to be fair, let's look at the flip side, I love Carol's work, however I am a senior on a low income, and $4 is a lot of money for me. I don't blame her for charging a reasonable price for her work, and it is not her fault I can't afford to buy patterns, but there are a lot of people out there who just couldn't stitch if it were not for the free patterns. They have even froze our Social Security here in the states, so next year will be worse than this year. I still follow her blog, I don't resent her for charging, but fact if fact, some people just don't have even that much to spare for a pattern. BarbM

Pumpkin said...

Congrats Robin! What a beautiful pattern Berit.

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the win, Robin!

corinna said...

thanks for the reminder
i just ordered my chart
sometimes a reminder is just what i need
well most times really