Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Giveaway Shoutouts!

I really do hesitate to turn this space into an add for other blogs, but when people start giving away such great stuff how can I resist? :) So, if you somehow see them on my little corner of the XS blogosphere and don't know them, pop over to their blogs and check 'em out! Free stuffs! Great WIPs! Movie Classics Views (from Edgar)!

Aaand, speak of the devil--first up is Edgar, a great movie and quaker-loving guy who seems to be involved in the mail art exchanges. I don't know much about these, but everytime I see them on someone's blog it seems that the envelope, address and all was stitched up, postage added, and sent naked through the post!! What's inside? All in all, I admire the daring of these stitchers. I could no more put a "naked" piece in a postbox than I could a newborn babe, lol! Ah, but well! His stitching is great and it's fun to catch his movie opinons; classics seem to be his faves! He has recently finished that "Lo how a Rose" Sampler that's all over the 'net like brushfire, and is giving away the (christmas?) book it is contained in! Go enter for you chance! :)

Next, is one that I DO think EVERYONE knows about: Nina is celebrating her 2-year blogaversary by giving away a sweet set of box and scissor fob--I think they even have her own hand-dyed floss! Wow, would I love to win this! Wouldn't you? You'll have to be quick as the deadline is April 30th at Midnight, but check out the conditions for entry! One of them is that you show a pic of your scissor collection! This works out perfectly, as I LOVE scissors, and had been planning to show off my modest little hoard soon anyway! Anti-procrastination, Yay!

From My crow-treasures

And here they are! I feel that I really must apologise for this terrible cell phone photo. I DO have a modest little point & shoot digicam, but of course the battery wants charging! I am beginning to feel that I truly do need a new cell--in January it was time for me to get a new phone "free" (with contract renewal and all that), but the phones were either lousy, expensive (for premium models), or I just didn't like them. And I DO like my current phone just fine...except that it takes exceedingly lousy blog photos! Ten years ago, when I was in High School and my dear friend's dad got a cell for busines, I would have never guessed that I'd be contemplating getting a new cell simply because I wanted a better camera for posting pics to the internet!! Wow, what I long way we have come! Too bad it can't all be for the better, though!

I had wanted to show you my works-in-progress, but that will have to wait for me to get the mojo to charge the camera batteries! lol!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello, All!
I am just desperate to show you these buttons I bought from Etsy recently for my little version of Mary's Pin Pillow by Indigo Rose. They have yet to arrive, and this is the photo from the seller's site! They are size 7/8", so I think think they will be really striking!

Etsy has some AMAZING buttons for sale, so I'm hoping I don't get too addicted! I had to restrain myself and only buy buttons that "I need now" for a specific thing instead of getting ever little thing that caught my eye! I could easily have spent $50 just on buttons! And nothing to sew them to...good thing I like Biscornu so much... But, I only bought this one kind. :)

It doesn't really show so in my previous post, but there is a good bit of plum in the floss I used, so I am hoping that these buttons will really bring it out. I took those photos as a test of the camera on a friend's new phone--it has 3.2 MP!! Not sure it's colours are so good, however. But, in its defense, it WAS a rather cloudy day.

I'm so excited for these buttons to arrive!! "Hurry up, Buttons!"

Yours in Stiching,

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recent Stitching...

Hello, Everyone!

I haven't got time for a proper blog today, but I wanted to drop in and show off (or encourage, lol) regarding what I have been working on recently. When I first began this blog, I was rather (silly) sad that there were no comments or traffic on it. (This is probably because I have been spoiled by my moderately popular video game blog, which I have held for perhaps 4 years or so!)

But, I have since then been astonished by how many people have left kind comments on my gaunt little blog! Thanks to all of you so much! I was really glad--and I must come around and reciprocate soon! But, until then, I wanted to put up a new post too keep active for my follower (Hi, Patti!). :)

So, with varying success, here follows What I've Been Stitching On:

Here is my version of Mary's Pin Pillow by Indigo Rose--I'm using 32ct Belfast Natural Linen and that Crimson/Plum (I call it) DMC overdyed floss. This design is, in my humble opinion, the most perfect Biscornu chart I have ever seen, and it is a dream of mine to have one--I can only hope to do it justice. This is also my first time using tension while stitching--the Q Snaps I ordered arrived! (And some other charts as well--yay, I'll be able to do my first stash blog!)

From In-Progress Stitching

And another view to show off the Spider's Web Stitches, which are actually silk, and of that common brand; "au v___ Soie", it is. You can see what a newbie I am, as I don't know the names of things! I chose it because the LNS lady said that anything else was "Garbage that you couldn't pay her to stitch with", and I had seen that the DMC overdye wasn't so nice upon trying it to learn the Spider's web stich.

From In-Progress Stitching

And Next, Stitchie Witchie, a freebie from Brooke Nolan of Brooke's Books' Yahoo "fan group" (Wow; so little meaning in that sentence!! Someone named Megan (I think) is running a fanclub for Brooke's Books. You must use your Yahoo email addy to join the group, and then the freebees are, well, free. Really nice cute stuff!

From In-Progress Stitching

Here's a close-up to show Witchie's "Electric Blue Satin Pumps"--I sitched them using DMC's satin floss; which like all sfx threads MAY be tacky, but I like anyway. :D Hey, it's all in how tastefully you use it, right? (As if there is a tasteful way to use a lawn flamingo, lol!) I do like that satin floss, though I can't find it in the shop and it's slippery as an eel--Maybe that's what makes it fun!! And, who DOESN'T want a pair of shiny pumps, eh? Now, I have some. (^_^)

From In-Progress Stitching

EEk! And so, in the end, this post DID come out to be a bit long! For now, I've gotta dash, but until next time with best wishes to you and yours (Happy Easter!), I remain,

Yours in Stitching,