Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello, All!
I am just desperate to show you these buttons I bought from Etsy recently for my little version of Mary's Pin Pillow by Indigo Rose. They have yet to arrive, and this is the photo from the seller's site! They are size 7/8", so I think think they will be really striking!

Etsy has some AMAZING buttons for sale, so I'm hoping I don't get too addicted! I had to restrain myself and only buy buttons that "I need now" for a specific thing instead of getting ever little thing that caught my eye! I could easily have spent $50 just on buttons! And nothing to sew them to...good thing I like Biscornu so much... But, I only bought this one kind. :)

It doesn't really show so in my previous post, but there is a good bit of plum in the floss I used, so I am hoping that these buttons will really bring it out. I took those photos as a test of the camera on a friend's new phone--it has 3.2 MP!! Not sure it's colours are so good, however. But, in its defense, it WAS a rather cloudy day.

I'm so excited for these buttons to arrive!! "Hurry up, Buttons!"

Yours in Stiching,


Barbeeque4 said...
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Berit said...

Update: Buttons DID arrive yesterday, and are a bit "pinker" in person. Really does depend upon the lighting, I suppose. They were not literally the buttons shown in the pic.

Next time they grace my blog, it shall be as the ornament on a biscornu!

Patti said...

Berit those buttons are really gorgeous. Ohhh I have just read your update - so sorry they didn't turn out to be what you wanted. I think you should complain (look who's talking about complaining - she who never complains) about them not being the same as in the photo. You come from Bloomfield Township? Where is that in relationship to Pleasantdale in W. Orange? Because that is where I hae been displaced from! Lots of Love Patti xxx P.S. read my blog again because I have added something else.

Patti said...

P.P.S. Those buttons are purple not pink! COMPLAIN WOMAN - even me the non-complainer would complain! Patti xxx