Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Spring Finishes!

Last week I visited a nearby park to get some photos of the budding Cherry Trees:

Some not-so Spring-like lighting on these; but isn't that Spring after all?

This is a really delicious concoction: Lemon gelatin made with one cup hot water (and the zest and juice of one lemon) and after it cools to room temp you mix in another cup plus a few tablespoons extra of plain yogurt. I used half lowfat (1.5%) and half whole (3.5%) This is divine!~ And perfect for spring/summer.

I had TWO FINISHES THIS WEEK! They were even on the same day!

The Bunny Biscornu is now a rectangular pillow, and Sweet Bird's stitching is done!

Yes, the Pomander balls are still there. I do love them, but they may need a trip to storage at least until the Summer. ;)

I love the pearlised glass shank button I used for the cinch on this side. :)
I also thought the Clove Bits were fine at the time I took the photo, but...

The back is some seersucker I got in NYC. And the button from W***-M***. :D

I used a blanket stitch to secure the seams before I whip-stitched the two sides together. I intended to take it out, and still could, but left it because I felt it gave a sweetly whimsical prim touch.

Here is Sweet Bird, a spring freebie from The Sampler Girl, posted to her blog Spring 2010. I had a bit of a time picking fibers for it, but in the end I'm satisfied.

Now I'm stitching on my November Prairie schooler! I am longing for a lighter stitch, BUT I ALSO want PS and don't want to add another WiP, so~

I'm also working a bit on the Halloween freebie! I'm so nervous about it that I have to take it easy so I don't get overwhelmed. :P

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!