Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recent Stitching...

Hello, Everyone!

I haven't got time for a proper blog today, but I wanted to drop in and show off (or encourage, lol) regarding what I have been working on recently. When I first began this blog, I was rather (silly) sad that there were no comments or traffic on it. (This is probably because I have been spoiled by my moderately popular video game blog, which I have held for perhaps 4 years or so!)

But, I have since then been astonished by how many people have left kind comments on my gaunt little blog! Thanks to all of you so much! I was really glad--and I must come around and reciprocate soon! But, until then, I wanted to put up a new post too keep active for my follower (Hi, Patti!). :)

So, with varying success, here follows What I've Been Stitching On:

Here is my version of Mary's Pin Pillow by Indigo Rose--I'm using 32ct Belfast Natural Linen and that Crimson/Plum (I call it) DMC overdyed floss. This design is, in my humble opinion, the most perfect Biscornu chart I have ever seen, and it is a dream of mine to have one--I can only hope to do it justice. This is also my first time using tension while stitching--the Q Snaps I ordered arrived! (And some other charts as well--yay, I'll be able to do my first stash blog!)

From In-Progress Stitching

And another view to show off the Spider's Web Stitches, which are actually silk, and of that common brand; "au v___ Soie", it is. You can see what a newbie I am, as I don't know the names of things! I chose it because the LNS lady said that anything else was "Garbage that you couldn't pay her to stitch with", and I had seen that the DMC overdye wasn't so nice upon trying it to learn the Spider's web stich.

From In-Progress Stitching

And Next, Stitchie Witchie, a freebie from Brooke Nolan of Brooke's Books' Yahoo "fan group" (Wow; so little meaning in that sentence!! Someone named Megan (I think) is running a fanclub for Brooke's Books. You must use your Yahoo email addy to join the group, and then the freebees are, well, free. Really nice cute stuff!

From In-Progress Stitching

Here's a close-up to show Witchie's "Electric Blue Satin Pumps"--I sitched them using DMC's satin floss; which like all sfx threads MAY be tacky, but I like anyway. :D Hey, it's all in how tastefully you use it, right? (As if there is a tasteful way to use a lawn flamingo, lol!) I do like that satin floss, though I can't find it in the shop and it's slippery as an eel--Maybe that's what makes it fun!! And, who DOESN'T want a pair of shiny pumps, eh? Now, I have some. (^_^)

From In-Progress Stitching

EEk! And so, in the end, this post DID come out to be a bit long! For now, I've gotta dash, but until next time with best wishes to you and yours (Happy Easter!), I remain,

Yours in Stitching,


Yuko said...

Hi Berit,

Thanks for your visit to my blog!
I searched what name of flower that is, and found the name.
I wrote all the name of floweres on my blog, and added one more photo of that flower today!
Please have a look at them later!

Patti said...

Hi Berit madly waving, I love how you have done Mary's Pin Pillow it is just absolutely gorgeous. And the witch is just gorgeous - they are supposed to be ugly but this one surely isn't. Anyway until next time Lots of Love Patti xxx

Aury said...

I love your Spider's Web Stitches!!! they look so perfect!!!

The witch is really cute too :D


Myra said...

That is going to be one beautiful biscornu. I love the pattern and your stitching is beautiful. Will be looking for the finished beauty. :o)

Carol R said...

Lovely stitching - can't wait to see the finished biscornu!

Lili said...

Love the witch!
And your indigo rose is simply stunning, Berit!
You have a beautiful blog, it's a great pleasure to some and read it.
Thanks for sharing!