Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Stash for Me; a Giveaway for You

Hello, everyone. Down Sunshine Lane offers a Birthday Club Discount, so I decided for my birthday to "bite the bullet" and try out some Rolaframes. Somehow *a few* other things wound up in the box...

Here's the lot; the rolaframes are hiding in the back. (I got the 6" sidebars and the two shortest links of rollers.)

Praiseworthy Stitches' Simple Gifts: Love (I really agonized over which one of this series to get; in the end I just went for the first. I love how the "2008" looks, but of course it won't be 2008 when I get around to stitching it. Thanks, which is just coming out also looks really excellent.), Jardin Privé's Gentleman Quaker (Figured I'd better get it, since it's imported and all. I like this guy better than the gal; he's a total Mr. Darcy.), and Prairie Schooler's Fox And Grapes (Have been drooling over this since Edgar worked it for an exchange--and of course those F&G scissors of last Wednesday!! I can't have those, so this will have to do!) Really, you can definitely see Edgar's influence all over this section; I have fallen for Quakers but hard. I'm planning to do it on a darker linen, and will probably also tweak the colour of the house...but to what? :)

Blue Ribbon Designs' Christmas Sentiments Vol. 3. (Or, Owls = YES.)
That Mill Hill kit is the last of its series that I have yet to stitch; I got going on them earlier this year and finished my first (the "French Horn") in the same hour that Michael Jackson died. I thought about including a dedication to him on the back...but then I remembered that I didn't want to become an Elvis-style devotee. I've always been such an MJ fan; his Off the Wall album is the best/my favorite. Well, so, I ordered for this one AGES ago from my LNS, but it was backordered and then they forgot to tell me when it came in, so it is my good luck to have seen it when I went in on Saturday. :D

Here are the 2 flosses I picked up at LNS along with Holiday Harmony Harp: GAST Antique Rose (was running low) and Apple Cider (because I always fondle it, and I do so love mulled ciders. Yummm) The pic shows the floor because I was wanting "variety", and also to admire how nice my new bedspread looks with our wood floors (I've always wanted wood floors, and though we will enter our fourth year here in December, I've wanted them all my life and still haven't gotten over them. :D)

Here's a pic of Beneath the Sunlit Sky. Almost done now, and just getting fussy over the details. I decided I didn't like the way the date was charted and so remade it. And...I loved the Cider so much that I talked myself into thinking it would look good there. Well...Not so much, I think. Also, it's one pixel (stitch) too high, so It'll have to come out. I'm more or less planning to re-stitch it in Chamomile as called for. How obedient I am!

Or--Brainstorm--should I send the frogs to the roof and make the roof be Cider??? Maybe then "2009" will not be so standoutish and lonely--and I could keep that rich colour. I'd love your two cents, Reader--Is Cider a Keeper or a Clasher in this piece?

Now, then, for all those who have fought the good fight I'd like to offer you a Small Don't-Blink-or-You'll-Miss-It GIVEAWAY!

Thinking upon it, I've come to the conclusion that it is actually the smallest giveaway I've ever happened across...and I do take a perverse pleasure in that. :P Perhaps we ought to call it a party favor. But only for one of you. (Was there a Mrs. Scrooge? No? Well...)

Why am I so happy to be giving such a meager item: Because it is the price but not the gift that is insignificant!!

To the Lucky Entrant your choice of the newly released "Sew Winter"


"Sew Noel".

...And there may be *more*, as well! Carol is just starting out releasing her beautiful designs at large, and the first 3 (Sew Red, Sew Blue, and Sew Autumn--scroll down past Sew Noel to view them) were free (and still are with a purchase). So, if the lucky winner does not have these, well, let me know and I can request that Carol send them along with your "favor". :) Sew Autumn and Sew Winter are of a set, and so are have corresponding dimensions, fyi.

So, How to Enter
: Simply leave a comment on this post.

When you win
: I'll give Carol your email addy: the prize arrives right in your inbox ready to fly from your printer to your stitchy fingers. (If your blog doesn't have your email, please give it to me.)

Requirements: None save having an email (blog not required) at which to receive this digital print-it-yourself pattern. You do not need to blog this to qualify, though I certainly wouldn't mind meeting some new people, so if you feel like spreading the word by all means please do. :)

Entry Deadline: Midnight on the States' Thanksgiving Day (up through the very last minute of Thursday, 26 November 2009 Eastern Standard Time).

I hope everyone will be having a wonderful and blessed (and short Work)week. Let's look forward to Thanksgiving and starting the Christmas Season off right. :D

With hopes that this Season will bring you more "favor" than I ever could, I remain

Yours Stash-ily,


staci said...

Ooooh, you picked some fabulous bday stash! I know what you mean about having to make choices...if I had my choice I'd pick one of everything, sadly my pocketbook isn't quite that accomodating, LOL!

What a sweet giveaway! Carol's designs are super lovely!!! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Kathy said...

Lovely Birthday stash. And I hope your Birthday was even nicer.

I would love to be entered in your giveaway. The designs are lovely.

I haope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Daffycat said...

Oh, wow, awesome stash! I usually treat myself with stash for my birthday! Happy birthday, Berit!

I'd say re-do the roof in the Cider and the date in green.

Enter me in the giveaway, please. I love Carol's designs!

Blu said...

Nice stash haul. My LNS gives 20% off anything in the store for the Birthday week. Last year I went crazy and spent waaay more than I should have.
I think you should make both the date and the roof Cider...
Enter me in the giveaway please, that wintery one is calling my name...

Ranae said...

Wow! you picked some super nice birthday stash.
I love my hardwood floors too.
The BBD looks fabulous.
I think it looks good as is, but if you feel the need to change it, I'd go with the date and roof both in cider.
Please enter me. I think I am leaning toward "Sew Winter"

corinna said...

sign me up
love your blog
yep i think date and roof cider too

Myra said...

Look at you go girl! Love the birthday stash and Sunlit Sky is coming along nicely. Hmmm, not real sure on the Cider color - hard to tell on my monitor. I love Carol's designs - I stitched Sew Blue and have the others saved. I would love to win one of her charts.

SilkLover said...

I saw your comment on Spinster Stitcher, so I decided to come "visit" you, too. Love your new stash. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the drawing for your very nice giveaway!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! What great great birthday stash enhancement!

Melissa (The Daily Mel) said...

Oooooh, great stash haul! Happy birthday. :) I would love to be entered in your drawing. I love Carol's designs, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday was awesome and you enjoy your stash bounty!

Please enter me in your drawing. I am having one also.

Ann said...

You chose some lovely things for your birthday, I love the Jardin Prive too. Those thread colours are gorgeous!

omashee aka Barb said...

first of all, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Second, for telling me of your fabulously generous giveaway. And lastly, please enter me in your fabulously generous giveaway!

valerie said...

Hope you had a nice birthday! I love birthday stash too! I think roof and date in cider can work. Date by itself stands out too much. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway! I love Carol's designs and haven't treated myself to Sew Winter yet. Thanks!

omashee aka Barb said...

Oh darn me! I forgot the very first thing. Happy Birthday Berit! Hope you had a wonderful day with all your lovely stash.

Barb said...

Belated birthday greetings Berit, wow love those charts you got, I really shouldn't read new peoples blogs I then have to buy MORE stash. I have only just started blogging and have found you through Kathys blog. I would love to be in your draw for Sew Winter thankyou for the chance.
Hugs Barb in UK

Rachael said...

I am new to your blog, I came via Erynne's blog. Great Birthday stash,Belated wishes!!
I would love to be entered for your giveaway!

Lois said...

What great birthday stash you treated yourself too Berit! Love your Beneath the Sunlit Sky, the colours are gorgeous! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!

dixiesamplar said...
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dixiesamplar said...

Let's try again, shall we??!! LOL!

Love the birhtday stash Berit...hope your birthday was an extra special one!

The WIP is lovely, and I think the use of Cider for the roof and 2009 is wonderful...


Tracey said...

Great stash! I see what you mean about the QG looking like Mr Darcy. :) Please add me to your giveaway, both of those patterns are lovely! Thanks! Email is in my blog profile. :)

Danielle said...

I love the Blackbird Designs you are stitching. I would love to be added to the giveaway. I found a link to your blog through Carol's blog, so I have added you to my Google Reader!

Shari said...

happy belated birthday & wow, you did great with your birthday stash!!!!!
I would love to be entered in your drawing. I have sew noel, but would love to win so winter, as I chatted with Carol as she was doing this one!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbeeque4 said...

What super stash!! Yes, please throw my name into you drawing!! Such kind things you always say - Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Barbara said...

I love Carol's work, so here I am, with fingers crossed, hoping I will win Winter. BarbM

Sharlotte said...

Super,super B-day stash! I have a birthday coming up at the beginning of the year but I doubt I'll get to get any stash. Christmas always wipes us out! Please enter me in your drawing!

Cole said...

Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday other than with new stash??? I didn't think so! Thanks for sharing your celebration with us :)

Sandy In Montana said...

Just finished perusing your wonderful blog, you have so many beautiful works on the go and finishes, Berit. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Please don't enter me in the give-away though, I just wanted to stop by and HI and Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Stitching .... Sandy In Montana

Kate said...

Would love a favor. I have recently discovered Quakers as well and they are fantastic. I don't have the others as of yet either. Thank you for the Give away and Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Meari said...

Happy Birthday! Nice stashing.

Brigitte said...

Your new stash looks so great. Reminds me of the fact that I'll have to slowly put together some things from my wish list and place an order myself - but no my birthday is only next year, lol. It must be the longing for new stash that makes me want to have my birthday now, lol.

Lynn said...

Please enter me in your birthday giveaway. I enjoyed reading your blog. Nice gifts you chose.

Melody said...

Please enter me in your birthday drawing. Happy Birthday!

Sheila said...

What great stash, its fun to shop for stitching things. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.
Thanks Sheila

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! You have gorgeous stash. I love Carol R's designs, please enter me in your giveaway.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Love your new quaker goodies - please enter me in your wonderful giveaway, Thanks!

Robin said...

Please enter me! I love Carol's designs. I have all 'sew' far but Sew Winter.

Cindy said...

Happy belated Birthday Berit. You have got great birthday stash!! Love those charts. They are gorgeous.
How could I miss your giveaway :) Please enter me in your draw. I don't have any of Carol's chart before and would love to have them in my stash too.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments too. Really appreciate those.

stitchinfiend said...

Lovely Lovely Birthday stash.

I would love to be entered into your tiny giveaway.

Love the Sew Winter

Anne said...

Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. I have all of Carol's charts so far except for Sew Winter. Please add my name for a chance to win. :)


Violet Viola Viooltje said...

Ohhh... yessyesssyesss, I would love to win Carol's patterns!
I'm not able to order them (no paypal, no creditcard etc), so this would be my change!
But... I hate to leave my e-mail out in the open.
(I couldn't find yours too?) *Ü*

If you leave me a (private) comment on my (moderated) blog (with your mail adress, nobody else will see it), that is if I would be the lucky one to winn, I'll e-mail you: asap.

*crossing my fingers, toes and... lots of stitches*

Erynne said...

Hello Berit!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always a treat for me to discover the blogs of other stitchers and I've got you on follow now.
Nice stash haul for your birthday! Hope your birthday was just as you wanted it to be!

Seems a shame to frog out the roof because it looks lovely as is but then, I am partial to green. The Cider for the date works well with the rest of the colours in the design. Very pretty! Ultimately though, if it's niggling at you to change it, you have to because you won't be happy, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the link to Carol's site. Hadn't seen that one before. Sew Winter is the little trees!!


Kat said...

A "small" giveaway? Perhaps, but by the interest it has gathered, it's HUGELY popular! I'd love to be the winner!

Catherine said...

Great stash enhancement!! Love your choices. Please enter me for your give away!

Gayle said...

What nice stash and party favors. Hope your Birthday is wonderful. I appreciate the links to other stitching sites. So love to blog stock and get inspiriation.

lynda said...

Happy birthday...what great stash you got!
Please add my name for your drawing...I love Carol's designs.
Thank you! & happy thanksgiving

Patti said...

I looked down all the comments and would you just believe it? My name isn't here! However did I miss wish you a very Happy Birthday first of all and secondly please enter me in what you call your small giveaway. It might be small but it is totally perfect.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Viooltje said...

Hi Berit,
I found your comment on "my other blog" (thus the other Viooltje-profile is answering back, btw is this counting as an extra entry? LOL *Ü*)
btw... I still can't find your e-mail... LOL
*again crossing all my toes, fingers and stitches*

Kathy A. said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Berit! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
Please enter my name in your draw.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful Birthday goodies, love the designs.
I guess that means a Happy Birthday to you!
I was looking all day for cross stitch patterns like that, I would love to make that up for the holidays. I haven't stitched in ages and have been making some small ones again.


Pumpkin said...

Wow! It's amazing how those extra items jump into the cart ;o)

Please enter me in your contest. I would love to win some extra stash :o) Thank you!