Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Child

Edgar is having yet another giveaway, this time to celebrate the second anniversary of his blog Blacksheep's Bit of the Web. It is to be a mystery prize drawn on May 9th, I believe. Be sure to visit his blog for the full details and to enter!

As for me, I'm working to finish up the stitching on my mother's gift for (you guessed it!) Mother's Day. It is LHN/CC's "Believe". I am totally not sure how to finish it. I had initially been considering a pyn keepe or mattress pincushion, but I've never tried those finishes before. Additionally, it's turning out to be a bit over 5" square--BIG, it seems to me! Pics of the finish next time!


Yuko said...

Berit,hi, Konnchiwa!
You have asked me somthing else before, too, maybe flower name...
I want to answer you, if you could enter your e-mail address when you leave a comment on my blog, I would be able to reply you!
By the way, that clover flower in Japanese is "Shirotsumegusa" しろつめくさ 白詰め草 です!

Berit said...

Thank you, Yuko! You have a very good memory! I will be sure to give my email next time I ask a question like this! (Although I must try not to, because you are a busy mom and stitcher–not a dictionary! I am in your debt because of your kindness in teaching me these things!) I try to avoid listing out my email because it can be caught for spam, but I will be sure to do so on your blog.