Thursday, August 12, 2010

Delivering Autumn—Stitching Complete!

Well, here she is in all her glory, with added signature and date! The orange checkerboard at the bottom was the part I was asking purple questions for. I put it in in both colors, but it didn't work there so I ripped it out and went with orange--much better! I decided to add a band of this checker because I liked it so much on the cart's banner BEFORE the other color was put in (I stitched that cart twice, you may recall, so I've had occasion to see both the umber and the ruby individually. It's the low-level relief effect that I like so much--I almost left out one of the checker colors on the cart...but I liked 'em both so this way I can have my cake and eat it, too!

This is un-ironed, even though I have the button wheels and other embellishment I'm planning to use--because I just can't decide how to finish this. I kinda wanted to hang it on a wall (but not framed; hanging pynkeepe?), but I'd also like to plunk it on a shelf (Pillow? Triangle pillow? Stuffed with what? Ribbons? Beads? Overdyed wool? Find some silk matka? Trusty homespun? Distressed neutral stripe ticking?) Can you not tell that various "cleansing symptoms" that delayed this blog update count "brain fog" in their number? (lol!)

So, I'm asking you, Dear Reader, for Finishing Suggestions. Just don't get your heart too set on me following them. I have a nasty habit of asking things of Dear Marc just so I can disagree with him (so claims he), and thereby make my choice. :P Well, no, that's not (quite) it.

Me: A or B; I can't decide!!!! (after endless, dizzying deliberation).
Marc: You should do B because X.
Me: What?! But what about A!? I must have A!
Marc: Well, you asked, so I picked B.
Me: Who cares about B--if there's no A there's no point! B would be great, but A comes first. Oh. Well. A it is, then! Thanks, Marc!
Marc: ...

So, you see, it's just that I can't see what really counts until it's being eliminated.

Today's an overcast, Autumnal Prelude sort of day (as about half of them have been for the past couple of weeks. A neighboring tree is even starting to turn!), so the pictures aren't the best, but forward-ho!

Here are some HDF fibers the wonderful Myra sent me recently; I've been wanting to try them, and she generously offered to include them in her order! The Purple is Prim Barn Purple, and the Green Old Maid of the Tempest. The brown was a bonus gift, and is the premium weight and the best color of the bunch. Haven't stitched with them yet, but they seem to be nice, if rather BRIGHT in color based on what I was expecting. They are way brighter than this pic shows--very nice, but I do have to say that I wouldn't call the purple one "prim" at all. I'm looking forward to seeing how it stitches up. :)

My new teacup and saucer--oh, how I love tea! I'm not allowed to drink it at present, though, so I enjoy hot distilled water or "ginger tea" from it. The shape is my all-time favorite. I grew up with some very similar Buffalo-brand white style, and I think nothing beats it. I'm having trouble finding those, so happily opted for this charming usagi (rabbit) pattern in the meantime. The other 3 in the set are nothing to do with bunnies in the slightest, though they share similar colors and are all of wabi-sabi theme (which is sort of the Japanese version of Prim-style Americana.) If there's interest I might see if I can't rustle up some decent pics for the rest of the lot.

The saucer: same rabbit motif as around the cup.

Here's what I stitched after completing stitching of Delivering Autumn and my Autumn Exchange (which also needs finishing thank-you-very-much.) Having first seen it on the inimitable Staci's Blog (though certainly I'm becoming known for trying--love ya, Staci!), I HAD to have one for my kitchen. I call it "Good Morning Rooster", but Marc looked over at the finished Rooster in my lap, looked up at me with mischief-filled eyes and said in his most innocent voice, "Good Morning, Cock!"

Well, name (and his suggestion that I mount it next to a photo of last year's Thanksgiving Turkey) aside, I had charted in some other motifs--not much for butterflies or those particular roses--including some fleur-de-lys that I'm just dying to stitch on SOMETHING, but now I can't decide if it's DONE. It looks like it is. And Marc (Utilitarian Man) says it is. I'm planning to mount it in a plain white Ikea frame and hang it in the kitchen so I can see it while I work in there. So, friends, is this bird "Done"? ;)


I want to thank everyone for the good thoughts and well-wishes you've sent to me and mine lately. We're still "going through", but we'll come out on the other side, and you've helped more than you'll ever know. Thanks also to all those I've been stalking/hounding regarding Blackbird Designs' Mystery Sampler. I've become so batty-obsessed over that thing the last couple of months and am so curious about it. You are all patient and kind dears.

Happy Thursday--I just love Thursdays (always have), and Enjoy the weekend Ahead!



Laura said...

Delivering Autumn looks awesome. I am definitely doing that one some day. My finishing suggestion would be a folding easel flatfold(expertly explained here by Vonna: with some autumnal fabric backing. I think it would look great on a table or shelf.

Margaret said...

I love both your pieces! The personalization on Delivering Autumn is wonderful! I'm not good at suggesting finishing. Hope you come up with a good one! Love the Japanese teacup and saucer too! I'd love to see more!

staci said...

Very pretty stitching! Congrats on your wonderful finishes. And your new cup and saucer has got to be the cutest thing ever!!!

DonnaTN said...

Your finishes are lovely. I love all thing autumnal! How about a pin pillow with a ribbon hanger? Then you could putit on a shelf or in a basket or hang it from a door or drawer knob.

Deborah said...

Delivering Autumn looks great! I love how you finished the bottom. I did this piece afew years back. I framed mine so I am no help to you. Love th e cup and saucer.

Hazel said...

Lovely finishes. I would think your harvest piece would look nice as a cushion but that's just me. Nice cup and saucer. x

Carol said...

Oh, Delivering Autumn is just wonderful, Berit! I just got Delivering Spring from Ebay so I think I'll have to add this one to my list, too... I'm hooked on this series!

What about applying it to a wooden box? I've always wanted to try that finish--have no idea if it is difficult or not. I'm sure whatever you decide upon will be beautiful :)

Sandra said...

Hi Berit,

i just love the way you did the border on my "Delivering Autumn". It is always so much fun to see what others do with the original design. No matter how you finish it, I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Just to let you know, I have started a new "Delivering Series". If you go to my blog, you can see the first design, as well as the beginning of a slide show of all of my autumn/halloween designs.


Wishing you a weekend of "Many Happy Stitches",
Homespun Elegance

Myra said...

I just love Delivering Autumn (you already knew that) but your signature and the border is just DA BOMB! I really like the Good Morning piece too (he he Marc), you just can't go wrong with red and white. I hope you enjoy the flosses - I used some of it this weekend and had forgotten how smoothly it stitches.

Missy Ann said...

So much to love in this post. I don't drink hot drinks, but I would have bought that cup & saucer.

I adore your changes to Delivering Autumn, absolutely fantastic!

Karen said...

So cute. I just love HE. I think it would be cute as a wall hanging or a little pillow. Can't wait to see what you make.

Bonnie said...

Delivering Autumn is so pretty. I love the autumn colors. Can't wait to see how you finish it. What luscious colors of floss.
Also like your rooster.

Tracey said...

Beautiful finish! How about a flatfold?

Catherine said...

Great stitches!!

Love the teacup!

Sally said...

Delivering Autumn looks wonderful Berit! You did a fantastic job on it. I'm afraid I'm no help in a suggestion for a finish as it takes me ages to decide!

I love your new teacup and sauccer!

mainely stitching said...

What a beautiful post - such wonderful photos. I love the pottery! And your stitching is gorgeous! The rooster, and Marc's naming of it, make me smile. :D

Kellie said...

I love your stitching. Delivering Autumn and Good Morning are both gorgeous! The cup and saucer set is so unique and lovely. I would love to see the rest of your set if you care to show pictures. :)

Have a great weekend!

Brigitte said...

Both your stitched pieces are sooooo lovely. I particularly love Delivering Autumn and I think I'd finish it as one of these long little pillows. I just love them.
BTW, it's the same here when I'm thinking about how to finsih a stitched piece. A hundred possibilities and I have to choose one ...

Christina said...

I love 'Delivering Autumn' Berit - it's feeling very Autumnal around these parts at the mo, dark during the day and LOTS of rain! As for the finish, hmmm, I think I like the idea of a box finish. A box in which to keep your Autumnal coloured threads perhaps?
The cup and saucer is so vintage-y (sorry, made up word), reminds me of something my nanna had in her kitchen from 'way back when', the 50s maybe? She swore that tea tasted so much better from a cup and saucer. I'm more of a mug person, I have lots and lots of mugs. Tom says if everyone in Ashford came round for tea, we'd have enough mugs to cater for each of them! My latest fad is Cath Kidston mugs - I know everyone has them but they're so LOVELY!
Marc's comment made me laugh. In the north of England, I think Lancashire, they use 'cock' a lot as a term of endearment. "Y'all right cock?" "That'll be £1.50 cock" It takes some getting used to let me tell you! Lol.
I'm with you on the BBD Mystery sampler. Did you see it finished and framed on Edgar's blog? Absolutely stunning - the guy's a genius!

MyLifesAStitch said...

I really love Delivering Autumn!! I think... I'd finish it as a hanging pinkeep. :) Maybe with a ticking stripe border of fabric?

And I really really love that rooster, too! I'm not much for frills and furbelows - simple is best most of the tiem, I think - so to me, that bird is done!

Have a great week!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finishes! I love your cup and saucer, it's very cute.

Patty C. said...

You need to visit my blog - There is something you need to know :)

Terri M said...

Hello, Berit. Delivering Autumn is beautiful! Your changes are lovely. I love the hanging pynkeep idea. That bunny cup had me squealing with delight, it's so adorable!! Le sigh.

Lennu said...

Oh Berit, your Delivering Autumn is gorgeous! I just love it un-ironed, I don't know why, but it looks perfect to me like that :)

I'm sorry I can't suggest any finishing for you, I'm really not good in figuring out how to finish things. It's always difficult to decide! And besides, if you're not going to follow our ideas anyway, I won't feel quilty now for not suggesting anything :D

I LOVE the teacup, it's beautiful! Have a happy autumn day!

Lili said...

Delivering autumn is wonderful!
I just had to laugh at your conversations when you ask for advice. I do exactly the same! Lol! That drives DH and DS nuts... But I can't help it. Lol!

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finishes--beautiful stitching! I love Delivering Autumn. Adorable teacup, too!

Anonymous said...

Delivering Autumn looks wonderful, I think making it into a rectangle cushion would be a great finish :)

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

The Cat's Cart made my heart swell with joy when I saw it this morning! I'm uber-ready for fall, and summer's end is nowhere in sight... 98 degree forecast today. Bah! I'm ready to start some knitting, but it's just too balmy to blanket myself at the moment. But soon... I hope. I'll live vicariously through your autumnal needlework for now. : ) Melissa

Sharon said...

Such pretty, pretty pieces! Love my hubby and my son so much that it takes my breath away - but, they sure aren't any good at helping with my stitching. :)
You just keep on "going through" - we'll be here to help you along!
Hugs - - - - -

Patti said...

Love love love it! It's awesome.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx