Friday, August 27, 2010

Santa Arrives Tonight!

...Well, last night.

I stitched and FINISHED an ornament, kids!

"Santa Arrives Tonight"
Designer: Homespun Elegance
Fabric: Unknown 30 ct. Linen
Fibers: Recommended DMC and cotton overdye with the substitution of Belle Soie "Icing" for snow
Date Complete: 26 August 2010

The dear sleigh. And the 'deer that I had to frog twice. Only 30 stitches, you say? But a pesky 30 they were! ;)

The shanty/Lean-to home makes my heart go pitter-pat. I put some snow on the roof, mostly 'cause I had to backstitch the porch post so it'd show up on the linen I chose.

I'm so glad I decided to try my hand at the braided finishing. It was easier to attach than I thought; "built-in" stitch here to attach to edge feature with the braid. My cording came out a little longer than I'd like, but I decided it was homespun and put a limit to my obsession.

This is 2009's ornament. Bought last summer. Planned for last year. Even has 2009 in the title, lol. I got "ornamented-out" from making a 6-instrument beaded ornie kit set from Mill Hill, and just couldn't do any more before the year ended. 2009 was the 5th Christmas Marc and I spent together, so I added the numeral.

You can see where I trimmed through the blanket stitch on the left; oops! I decided to just go for the homespun and cut another length of ecru and stitched over! :D Love it!

Have I told you how much I love blanket stitches? Also, I had to leave this 2009 'cause I spent forever charting up a "cute" "2009" last year and just HAD to use it.

I also love Homespun Elegance. Love, I tell you! Sandra's been putting in a lot of work to offer us a nice blog and even a freebie lately! o_o! You can see the picasa album of her autumn designs here. I've stitched more than one of them lately, let me tell you!

Meanwhile, I won Patty C.'s giveaway! It arrived just as I was ready to begin the finishing on SAT. She described it as the poppy pincushion (which I've been salivating over since she first started stitching it--whoopee!) and a few extras. What an anemic description! I was shocked speechless upon opening the box! 0_o (Brace yourself as this Giveaway sends the photo-count of this blog over the top!)

The "inner wrapping"!

Lift off "Out on a Limb" to reveal this treasure basket. :o

I love the apple pins! I think they're marking pins? Also, a watermelon-y crescent floss, and ribbon--I love grosgrain ribbon.

The star of the show! I really wanted to put some poppies in window boxes this year (generous Edgar even sent me some!) but it was not to be. Now, I have some that will last all winter! :D And they're gorgeous!

I think these are spider's web stitches.

Coquelicot! Yay! An adorable French vocab word; it's a region-specific type of poppy!

Santa has friends! :D I don't even like snowmen at Christmas, but I love this one! Now I know what Patti (Tapestry of Dreams) means when she says that the finishing on something is so good "it just isn't true". Patty is so talented! (Patti L, you are too! ;)

My first strawberry! The finishing on this is also breath-taking.

Marc was smitten with this because it's jingly (see the jingle bells nestled in there? And a "strawberry", his favorite fruit.

Well, Friends, it's the weekend! I hope you've all got a relaxing, stitchy, sunny, cool-weathered couple of days coming up. Thanks again for all your prayers and thoughts lately; they mean, and are helping so much. :)

Yours in Stitches,

Note: Those who admired the bunny cup and saucer in the last post can own their own (and the 3 companions) for the same price I paid plus shipping through the company's site here.


Deb said...

Oh Berit, lucky you for winning that giveaway. That poppy pillow is just breathtaking and I can't think of a better person to win it! Everything else is just wonderful too! You really hit the jackpot!! And I know you'll enjoy everything!

Karen said...

OMG....I love the Homespun Elegance ornie! I must have it as well as the new snowman one. Love the way you finished it too....very cute.

Your finishes and finishing are great!

Deborah said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Your ornament is also lovely.

Tracey said...

beautiful ornament, and sweet gifts!

Myra said...

Berit - SAT is just fabulous. Your finishing looks wonderful and I just love this little design. I am so glad Sandra started a blog.

Congratulations on your win. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces you have there to treasure for a long time.

Margaret said...

Love your ornament finishes. And that giveaway! Lucky you!

Margaret said...

Love your ornament finishes. And that giveaway! Lucky you!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely, lovely ornament and beautifully done.
I won a giveaway from Patti one time. She is incredibly generous. Her work is wonderful. I love that little strawberry

Bonnie said...

You are a Lucky Ducky. I love poppies and Faby Reilly designs.
Your santa ornament is fantastic,

The strawberry is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love your HE ornament, you did a great job of the stitching and finishing! Love the braid, the backing fabric and the personalized patch - just perfect!

Lucky you to win such a gorgeous giveaway too!

Carol said...

I've just been discovering more and more HE charts that I just love, Berit! Your little ornament is perfectly stitched and I love the way you finished it. Great job :)

Congratulations on such a pretty giveaway from Patty, too. She really put together a wonderful group of gifts...

Vonna said...

Your HE ornament is so darling, as is the snowman ornie, the strawberry and your WIN...WOW :)

Patty C. said...

I'm so glad you liked your gift Berit - I must admit I panicked when I read you didn't particularly like Snowmen (which are my favorite) after I sent the package - Then I thought - I'll just have to win her over - Maybe I'll send you more -lol

Have a great weekend

Brigitte said...

Oh my, the HE ornament you stitched and finished is just stunning. I love all the little details you added, and what a neat idea to make a braided edging. Looks fantastic!
Lucky you for winning such a wonderful giveaway. Enjoy all the goodies.

Mary said...

Berit, your ornaments are fabulous. I love your finishes! Lucky you, winning the giveaway..truly a BEAUTIFUL win to enjoy! Have a good weekend with lots of stitching:) (*HUGS*)

Patti said...

Berit you are definitely one very very very lucky lady. Everything is just gorgeous and just one of the things Patty sent you would have been totally wonderful but all of this. You are just really one very lucky lady. And your Santa Arrives is just gorgeous. Love it. Everything is stitched and finished so beautifully.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Blu said...

SAT is beautiful! Too bad about the repeated frogging. But it was definitely worth it. And the braided cording is cute!
Oh wow, you sure hit the jackpot with that package from Patty!

Le blog de marylin said...

Oh it is magnificent, your finishes are magnificent, the pillow is wonderful! Your blog is magic
Best regards marylin

Robin said...

I love ALL. As each photo scrolled up on my screen I saw something new and wonderful. I thought the wreath on the door was my favorite then I saw the pretty and sew much talent. Thanks for sharing.

staci said...

I adore your ornament and strawberry! Your finishing is gorgeous! Lovely ornie from Patti and giveaway you wonn from Patty C is stunning!!!

Daffycat said...

My goodness, Berit! So many beauties in one post. How do you do it? I'm SO in LOVE with your strawberry ~ it's magnificent!

Andrea said...

Love the ornament and that plaited edging, just gorgeous. Such a wonderful giveaway too that you won. Lucky you!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh wow, Berit!! What a fantastic post!

First, your win! YGG!! That package is AWESOME!!! I absolutely adore that poppy pincushion. It is truly stunning. Really breathtaking. And that strawberry?? LOVE. All the rest is just perfect as well.

And, I love love love your finishing on that ornament... you know how I feel about ticking. ;) Great job!!

Have a great week!!

Elaine said...

Berit your ornie finish is just beautiful and what a fabulous lot of stunning goodies Patty has sent for you to enjoy.

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finish on the ornament. I love how you have braided the trim around the outside.

What an amazing package you received from Patty. She was so amazingly generous. Lucky you, enjoy!