Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Arrives!

I'm an Autumn Baby (November 12th), which may explain why I start to feel like all's right with the world when this, the first of the "BER" months, rolls in.

Or, maybe it's because I was raised in sweltering Tulsa, Oklahoma by my dear Gramma who spent the best years of her youth in Bath, Maine. She may not have gotten back there, but the "Bers" were the closest she got. All summer she'd be counting down the days until September. "If I can just make it to September, Heaven can Wait!" Of course, that was also a bit of a farce as September is often so hot in OK that it makes you wonder if it's actually hotter than August was. You start to question yourself; searching back though a hazy memory (possible symptom of a season-long case of heat stroke?) of the month before. This bit of info might solve the mystery: She was born on September 17th.

So, the purpose of this blog:
To thank everyone who responded with offers, info, and sightings for my chart quest!
I am thrilled to announce that I've arranged a combination of borrow and buy that should make this project possible!
You, stitchers, are just the best around! I can't believe I got so many replies, help, and well-wishes about my "little problem".

And because a blog isn't a blog without pics, here are some I've been hoarding up:

I tried making (read: became obsessed with) a Treacle Pudding with Custard after eating at Tea & Sympathy. Boy, was that a hunt for Lyle's Golden Syrup! It was okay, but "overbaked". Custard covers (smothers) a multitude of sins.

I visited Savannah, Ga February 2009, and here's my choice at the Back in the Day Bakery. A buttercream cupcake and ENORMOUS curried chicken salad sammich. This induced the most major food coma/subsequent crash I've Ever experienced. Paula Deen put it on her show; you should put it on your Bucket List. Yes, that's a tall glass of milk lurking there; ah there were days I ate not only cupcakes, but milk, too!

From my bundtpan discovery days; the main feature here is the Mariage Frères tea I was also discovering. Oh, Tea! The best tea ever. EVER. The salt and pressurized butane, while pictured, did not make it into the cake.

From The Limelight in NYC; which was once a church, then a flamboyant gay bar/club, and now a "unique shopping experience" guarded by a very cheerful and friendly doorman in white gloves. If you're running low on that Olive oil scented with Meyer Lemon, it's only $48/bottle here! ;)

That bread or what-have-you wrapped in paper looks holy enough to grant absolutions!

This is my cell wallpaper.

Let's talk about how much I love this font. And wooden signs with inlaid gilt lettering. Or not--that's a Pandora's box.

I did take a photo of those cups (at the store before purchasing) after all; the one on the site was smallish, so here ya go.

These are from Gencarelli's Italian Bakery right here in Bloomfield, which holds the Essex county voted-favorite spot for several years now. I weep for those almonds--they are that beautiful. It's the sort of crying an atheist does watching the children sing at Christmas Midnight Mass.

Well, folks, I've got more, but let's call it a night. I hope you'll drop by next time to see the Not Food section of My Miscellaneous 2009 Roundup.

Thanks to you all, my good friends, for your friendship and support, and especially to Edgar and Carol, whose BBD Mystery samplers I posted here last time with neither permission nor Credit! Friends, I am sorry; I let my haste to just get up my nerve and ask for a loan let me forget to add the links!

I'm working with trepidation on the finishing of my Autumn Private Exchange--it's for a very talented, prominent, and well-liked stitcher--boy am I nervous! What if she doesn't like it? What if it's not "Grand" enough? (Pretty much anything I can make is paling next to the chest of goodies Patty just sent. And Christina, too, for that matter. :/) I know I like it so far, at least...

Until Next Time,


mainely stitching said...

Drooling all OVER my keyboard and feeling very peckish although it is bedtime. ;)

SO glad you found the charts. I was all ready to offer you a lengthy loan. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow Berit, if I wasn't hungry when I started reading, I sure am now. lol.
Everything looks scrumptious.

Cindy F. said...

Great pics!! I forgot how much I LOVE your blog:) (since I shamefully have become addicted to Facebook:(

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to get hold of the charts :)

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Good for you on the charts! Enjoyed your post, everything looks super yummy-ber:)

Margaret said...

Oh, it all looks so yummy! Yum yum! Glad you found charts to borrow!

Anonymous said...

What a small world! I was raised in Broken Arrow! Graduated 1995 from BA Senior High.

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Berit, I am an Autumn Baby, too. I feel like September is a new beginning every year. My year starts here in my heart. And, having lived in Alabama my entire life, I'm happy to leave behind the misery of a sweltering summer.

I have SO enjoyed all of your pictures over your past few posts. Your stiching is total eye-candy. I love, love, love your sampler! *jealous*

Patti said...

I am so hungry and looking at your blog photos today makes me hungrier (if that is possible). I grew up in Essex Country and I could so go to that cake store in Bloomfield. I miss NJ sometimes so much it just isn't true. Not the weather though even though this summer was non-existent here in the U.K. I'm going to go to your link and see if they mail stuff out of the country. Thank you so much for sharing.

I am 100% sure that whatever you stitch and make will be absolutely perfect and definitely will be grand enough.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Catherine said...

I feel like I put on 10 pounds just looking at all these pictures! YUMMY!

So glad you found all the charts you need. If something falls through, let me know - I think I have them too!

Elaine said...

Oh my Berit I;m drooling all over the keyboard now, those cakes look so yummy!
Glad you managed to get the charts.

Laura said...

Oh lord, I remember when the Limelight was a club. I worked in the Chelsea area in the early 90s and passed by it all the time. I can't imagine it as a store. Great pics, though.

Myra said...

Whoooo Hoooooo! I am happy dancing all around the room for you. I am so glad you found the charts you need for your obsession (I had one too you know). Stitchers are just the nicest people I know. I am so hungry after reading this post and I really don't need to eat anything more. LOL

Your exchange is going to be perfect. You don't give your stitching and finishing enough credit - I have admired and loved everything I have seen posted that you made.

Christina said...

Remind me never to read your blog again when hungry! It's only 9am and I'm craving treacle sponge with custard - my absolute favourite dessert. It's gotta be done with Lyle's golden syrup of course, so well worth the search. On Shrove Tuesday we go through tins of the stuff drizzled over pancakes with a little lemon juice - absolutely delicious! And we don't get over the sugar rush till Easter Sunday! The custard just has to be made using 'Bird's' custard powder - not sure if you have it in the states? I once made my lovely nanna some custard using Bird's powder and forgot to add sugar! She ate every last drop...aren't grandparents just the best?!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Yay on the acquisition plan!!

And these are some fabulous foody pics! I'm hungry now... must go raid the pantry. ;)