Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red & Green and Redbird Sampler(s)

Here's an update on Redbird (Thanks to Jolene :). At some point, a Red Bird (It's a cardinal, right?) will appear. This is on the same piece of linen as Fox Forest, BTW. When unfolded, it's like they are opposing armies lining up for battle. I completely love stitching with the Juniper (is it CC or WDW; can't recall, sorry!) on this Meadowlark. It's pictured in a crocheted basket from Ikea, one of my 3 or 4 "Happy Places". Annemarie ID'ed it last time as being from their Hallowed Halls Showroom, and it is only my desire to finish Redbird this year that is restraining me from waxing long on their wonderfulness. :)

Meanwhile, my enormous blog hasn't made it off the presses, but I want to go ahead and share my joy at the wonderful surprise I received late last week in the mail! Feast your eyes, Dear Reader, upon

Rosewood Manor's Quaker Diamonds

BeckySC hosted a GENEROUS giveaway of this amazing piece, I think, because she is enjoying her work on their Quakers and Quilts pattern (which is a "sister piece" to QD and uses the same Valdani Floss. Now, if you followed that giveaway (who didn't?) you'll know that I didn't win. Yet, Here it is with me. I COMPLETELY wanted to win (how greedy, having won from Vonna in December) and must have been too open in my admiration of the piece! In truth, I feel a little guilty--but only a little. ;)

These Valdani perle cotton balls are one of my favorite things about this piece--I've never done x stitch in perle and so wanted to try it! I never expected, however, that Becky would send them too along with the chart--I've been SPOILED! I love-love-love them! They are so tiny and perfect; brings out my cat nature and makes me want to pop one out and bat it around with my paw!

Oop! There goes one! I quickly put it away before I succumbed and batted it all around the room. Wouldn't want it to get dirty! (=^.^=)

I'd LOVE to start it right away, but I have to finish my Arbor Day exchange (loving it; hope my partner does, too!) and do the finishing on my Easter Exchange. I picked up the materials for that this weekend, so all should go well. Also, I don't have a suitable cut of 28 count linen. The chart calls for 28 ct Cashel in Mello from PTP, and after seeing a piece of it in 32 at the LNS which had come in on special order, I've pretty much decided to stick to it--pretty! For those of you who use PTP, where do you like to/is the best place to get it? I'd love to get some without having to wait for them to dye it, but I think that may be a pipe dream!

So, where's this Red & Green Sampler?

BlackBird Designs has seen fit, in their infinite wisdom, to release this little gem as a freebie!

I am head-over-heels for the colours, and have been since they blogged a sneak peek a while back. It is a reproduction of the antique sampler that Barb fell in love with which inspired their creations for Market this year, and I think Market-Exhaustion has overtaken these poor ladies because they've titled it "Now I Know My ABC's". I don't know about you, but that title goes over with me like a lead balloon! I sure am desperate to have this beauty, though! Wonder how I should finish it. What's that? Finish A WiP first?

Okay, I'm off to ferret around in my stash to see if I can find the fibers for NIKM ABC's work on Redbird and prepare for dinner.


Sadie said...

Red bird is looking great Berit :-)
What a great treat to get the chart and valdani fibres too, a really great gift.
I have downloaded NIKM ABC's but am not going to start it just yet.
Must .. .. be .. ... ..strong!

We have a IKEA about 2hr drive from us. I love that shop.

Catherine said...

Redbird is coming along! It will be fun to see it all finished!

What a wonderful surprise from Becky! I can't wait to get started on mine I'm just waiting on the fabric to arrive at my LNS. I am quite smitten with the threads myself. I've never stitched with them before.

I downloaded the freebie this morning and it will be a fun stitch. I love the colors!

Enjoy all your goodies!

Daffycat said...

Such a pretty WIP! I love the creative way you photographed it!

OMG! Those threads are gorgeous. Isn't Becky the sweetest? I'm afraid I'd find the threads too lovely to use!

Ranae said...

Redbird is looking great.
Om my gosh! you are so lucky to have that chart and those wonderful threads. I have yet to try them.
I downloaded my copy right away when I seen it.
Nah! Don't finish a WIP, Start one!

Melissa said...

The Red Bird Sampler is coming along nicely, all it needs is a Red Bird! lol.

Becky is a very lovely and generous person indeed. You are so lucky she sent you those goodies! I agree that I would have a tendency to just want to play with those balls of floss! They are gorgeous!

Saw the BBD freebie, thank you. Can't wait to get my hands on their new book from Market!

Cari-in-VA said...

I was wondering why it is called the Red Bird Sampler, lol. Great progress!

Wow, how very generous and wonderful to receive such a beautiful pattern and all those lovely fibers, enjoy!

corinna said...

good progress
i saw that chart in LNS
it is lovely
nice threads
you will be busy

Kellie said...

Hi Berit,
Redbird Sampler looks great! I love that little crocheted basket. Very cute!

What a fabulous gift!! You are going to love the Valdani fibers. They are a lot of fun to stitch with and the colors are very vibrant. I have Q&Q in my WIP pile and QD waiting to be started. :) Aren't they beautiful!

That BBD freebie is so nice. I can't wait to start on it myself. Very generous of Barb and Alma! :)

Tammy said...

Great pics and great blog--thx for your comments and I'll be following yours for sure!

Myra said...

Your sampler is coming along nicely. Isn't that Becky just the most generous person you know??? Lovely chart and I would like those balls to bat around when you tire of them. :o)

Kathy A. said...

What a beautiful gift from Becky. Those threads are the most scrumtious colors.
Nice work on your sampler.
Great blog post. Really enjoyed it.

Carol said...

Oh, what an amazing gift from Becky! Enjoy!! I just adore those colors and I'll be anxious to hear how you like stitching with the Valdani threads...

Amy said...

Got that Now I Know My ABC's yesterday. It is hard to stay with what I am working on and not get to it!!!!

Can't wait to see more of your redbird. I love cardinals. We had two families of cardinals that lived in my backyard in Ohio. I miss them.

Amy said...

Thanks for the laundrylist site!!

If you are so called going green, I think a dryer would be the first thing you would turn off!!!

Have a great day.

staci said...

Redbird is darling :) And oooh, what a lovely project all kitted up and ready to go~~that Becky is so generous! Happy Ferreting, oops, stitching!!!

melissa sews said...

Berit, your work is AMAZING! I'm so jealous of your talent. I haven't hand embroidered since childhood, but I am planning to embroider a few tea towels soon. That pattern and thread you were gifted are just divine. :) Melissa

Brigitte said...

Lucky you having received such a woncderful gift from Becky. Enjoy the chart and the threads, they are wonderful.
All your stitching looks so great. And I love the crocheted basket from IKEA. Yesterday we were at IKEA and had I known that they have such a nice little thingy I would have spent some more time there.

Siobhan said...

Red Bird looks great, Berit! I love that basket--what a neat idea! I've never been in an Ikea. I know. I live a sheltered life. It's probably a good thing, though--I know I'd want to spend a fortune in there.

WOW!!!! on the win. You go girl! I love BBD's latest freebie, too. I can't wait to stitch it up.

Kathy said...

Redbird is looking fabulous.

Wow, wow, wow on your win of Quaker Diamonds AND the Valdani.

Can't wait to see your progress on the BBD freebie.

Andrea said...

Beautiful WIPs. Lucky you, Quaker Diamonds and the Valdani thread.

Hazel said...

Oooh lovely wip and you are the lucky winner of that fab chart! Have fun with that one. The freebie looks fab. I really must do that one. x

MyLifesAStitch said...

Greetings form MD! I popped over after Deb mentioned you in her latest post. Red Bird looks fantastic, and I must say.... you do a great job staging a photographing your stuff!

Danielle said...

I Love that Quaker design and came So Close to getting it. I might still after seeing your progress!