Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Witches...And Black Cats To Be Seen

I was so encouraged by those comparison photos I took and all of your kind comments (Thank you so much, everyone!) that I kept working on WWGR. Because I'm getting addicted to seeing it magically progress flipbook style in my album, and also because I now like taking photos thanks to my cell phone (of all things), here are even more progress pics.

I so love this acorn needle minder. I should take this opportunity to throw out my hoard of acorns from this Autumn. Yes, the ones I spent 5 hours drying out in the oven.

Marc was in a Clash of the Titans mood last night and he kept making jokes about "Bubo the Owl" and answering in robotic-owl tongue when I spoke to him. Bubo looks really scary here as a Zomb-Owl with no eyes or beak.


Here's Ferdinand (Cousin to Felix). I've had him so long that he's picked up a touch of "real-boy" magic. Isn't he so prim? What's that? "No, he's just dirty!", you say? Well, Ferdie (a diminutive Marc's given him which I'm not quite sure he likes) takes exception to that. Ah, isn't that just like a cat--often one isn't sure if he likes you or hates you body and soul. :) (I love cats, jic you somehow missed my obsession, Dear Reader.)

Ferdinand recently took his almost-annual "spin" at the laundry. I put him in one of those commercial front-loading washers (cells) with the glass door (bars). Occasionally, through the sea of white suds there flashed a dingy grey paw--swabbing desperately at the glass in a heart-wrenching plea. It was with great difficulty that I resisted springing him, as it had been considerably more than a year since his last "bath" this time; in truth I feared that extreme old age (He won't see his 10th birthday again.) coupled with the fact that I'd just fished him out from the Abyss of the Underbed had conspired to somehow tip the scales of his plushcat to swoot ratio--would anything remain when the cycle was complete? It was with great joy that I at last transferred him from the washer to the largest of the dryers, where he proceeded to amuse all present with his "hamster wheel" antics. Two pertinent facts: He generally led with his face. And Marc took video. :P


Yours Cat-fully,


Deb said...

I can only imagine how funny that was to see poor Ferdinand doing hamster wheels in the dryer! LOL
Love seeing your progress on your PS piece. The fabric and those colors go so well together.

Patti said...

Thanks for making me laugh - I know I shouldn't have because it really isn't funny but I can only see in my minds eye Ferdinand going round and round in the tumble dryer.

I just love the PS piece but then again I have yet to see a PS that I don't love.
Patti xxx

BeckySC said...

WWGR is looking amazing!!! Lovely pics :)

Melissa said...

Oh the things we amuse ourselves with! ;-)

Your WWGR piece is looking great. Love the acorn minder too, and that white basket(s) in your last photo!

We don't have those acorns here - you dry them and do what with them? I love acorns but have only admired from afar.

Amy said...

Every time I wash Bri's dolls or stuffed animals, I laugh at the faces peeking thru the suds in the washer.

I love your progress. I love your owl too.

Have a great day.

dixiesamplar said...

Poor Ferdie! The indignity of it all! LOL!

Love, love, love the progress on WWGR...I have this one in my stash for stitching...some day?!! And that acorn is precious!


Daffycat said...

Cats always hate baths but I'm sure Ferdie feels much better after getting clean!

Your stitching looks fantastic, Berit. This piece is really filling in!

Sharlotte said...

I love how "Witches" is looking Berit! I have been wanting to stitch that one for a long time. Not many Halloween projects catch my attention , but that one sure does! It will be eciting when you get it finished.

Danielle said...

Splendid progress! Look forward to seeing more.

Diane said...

Love those autumn colors!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who finds it amusing to watch a stuffed animal's progress in the washer and dryer. :)

Karen said...

Love Witches...the colors are so pretty so good luck in stitching.

Such a cute kitty...big and fluffy.

Happy stitches...

corinna said...

hope ferdie is dry and safe
cracks me up to imagine him spinning about and looking out the glass for help
your progress is amazing

the little gold acorn is nice

Lennu said...

LOL, what a story! Ferdinand is so cute, thanks for sharing the photo and the story :)

Your stitching looks so pretty and the acorn is adorable!

Annemarie said...

Hey! Do I spot an Ikea basket-y type of device in that last picture? What a great idea! As soon as I finish this comment I will be puttingmine to good use. Never knew what to do with it, really...

Your progress on WWGR is beautiful! Love the owl :O)

staci said...

Fantastic progress :) Love that acorn needleminder. So what were your original plans for all those acorns you dried???

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Berit, and taking the time to leave such nice comments!! I would love to have the Crescent Colors conversion that you offered to send me... Couldn't find a way to contact you, but my email is on my blog. Thanks so much!

I love seeing WWGR come to life--just darling :)