Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yesterday's Three Finishes

How did I manage this? It is almost cheating, but technically true...

Day 11
fr. Prairie Schooler Bk. 127 "Santa's 12 Days of Christmas 9-12"
Fabric: 36 or 40 ct. Days Gone By
Fibers: Recommended DMC

Shown with Scissors for scale, here is M.F.H. Santa in all his gear on the field. The fox seems to be popping up; "You called?" or maybe "You Mad, Bro?" I did change the white to B5200 to make it show up better on the linen. I DID rip and replace the the red after reflecting on Vonna's advice particularly. It seems that life's trick is knowing what "moving on" in life means in each situation. I will say that I thought the previous red was prettier on the linen; too bad I don't know what color number it really was.

I am beyond thrilled by this Autumnal Hunt themed Ornament. But...I couldn't figure out what the fox was doing. Their paws are actually white, so I though he was pointing. Is he telling the chasers to run the opposite direction from what the Huntsman is calling? That's awfully goofy for PS. After comparing the cover image, the graph, and mulling it over, suddenly I knew! That appendage is his brush! Oh.

I like the idea of fox hunting, though I only know reports of it as given by Rita Mae Brown. She portrays it as a noble game which the fox naturally always wins, as he is so sly. Recognized American clubs never kill the fox.

fr. Prairie Schooler Bk. 159 "Fall Fields"
Fabric: 28 ct. Wichelt Antique Tan (?)
Fibers: Recommended DMC

Have you seen this before from me? Well, I added in the ring around his eye, finally, so that now he doesn't look like some sort of soul-less carcass! :)

A Visit
fr. Prairie Schooler Bk. 48 "A Christmas Visit"
Fabric: 28 ct. Wichelt Antique Tan (?)
Fibers: Recommended DMC

Though I am quite vocally sour about The disease of Early Christmas brought on by our American Marketing Machine, this one had me singing Jolly Old St. Nicholas all week. Though I only know the first two sections, I somehow love this old song; perhaps one of the reasons is because aforementioned Machine hasn't worn it out for me. I can't recall the last time I heard this one; can you?

The colors seem quite different from the model picture, particularly the chimney/window. This publication is from 1994 (eep) and I think perhaps the dye lots are that different now. I decided to just go as charted, however, because I fell in love with the version seen on Mary Katherine's blog. If possible, I'd like to find some green gingham ribbon just like this to finish this piece! :D

This roof-haunting santa wound up with a bit of a smirk. :]

I started this goody from Primitive Betty on big, big 28 count wichelt...and I don't like how huge it is. But...It looks so good in the picture that it makes me want to finish it rather than moving on as I had planned. Hurmn. I think this will be a good candidate for the walnut crystals I have on order from Stacy Nash. :) Maybe I will stick with the plan to make it a smaller pin pillow...but will I re-stitch the whole design after that? This calls for over-two stitching on 35 count, which I find tortuous! Even some tight 32 counts I hate to stitch over two. What do you think about the 35 or 36 count 2/2 practice?

Speaking of my love for this pic, I almost love photos of stitching more than the real piece. (Does anyone else concur?)
Here are some Stitchy Still-Lifes; I just love this stuff when I see it in blogland!

Three Culprits

I love the floss toss for Santa's Days! Why is only poor languishing JB in focus? I found the fill text I want to use for her, now I need to decide what image editing software I want to use for charting now that I have moved to my new computer. Any suggestions. I had macstitch and it was an abomination.


Previously, I wrote that I was struggling to "Get My Autumn On", but I have been making strides:

Do you remember "My Tree"? It is one of the first in the neighborhood to turn its leaves and loose them, so I was happy to catch this photo recently.

I made Oxtail Stew twice last week! Chef John is my modern american cooking source. I made this with a friend using his pressure cooker (50 min meat and etc., + 5 for the veg), and subbed thyme for the rosemary. We made it again adding Guinness and some mustard powder, and while both were good I would prefer Chef John's italian style with a pint for drinking!

Oh, also! I did not add any potatoes but instead did roast veg (cauliflower, carrots, brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes) in the oven and served it in the same bowl. This is an amazingly delicious, incredibly healthy collagen-rich (woo-hoo; youthful skin!) way to eat red meat. A small amount of meat is incredibly satisfying. I really want a pressure cooker now!

I love presents; especially giving and wrapping them! So, here is Edgar's Birthday Card.

And some of the two spliced together with a few already-wrapped packages in the background!


Thanks everyone, for your visits and comments! I am behind on reading last week's, so please excuse me while I catch up.



Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Your soup looks scrumptious, what time is dinner!

Margaret said...

Love your stitching! Anything PS is great with me. :D That stew looks so good! I don't have a pressure cooker either. They sound scary to me. lol!

carol fun said...

Great finishes! Love the St. Nicholas . Dinner looks delicious - perfect Fall dinner.

Tricia said...

So much wonderful stitching! I think the fox is my favorite!!

BeckySC said...

You have been busy my friend! I just LOVE all your photos! Your stitching looks amazing!

Karen said...

Kudos on getting so much stitched! Love your finishes.

happy stitching...

Julianne said...


It almost goes without saying how much I love your finishes! How funny about your singing Jolly Old St. Nicholas because I was just singing it last night. I was even more surprised that my 23 year old daughter knows it. I always remember it being sung by a man with a French accent. I don't recall his name, but I've always loved his version the best.

Your stew looks ansolutely delicious. I agree that a bit of beef is very satisfying. I guess I need to go make dinner. Your picture made me hungry.

Carol said...

Oh, what perfect PS finishes, Berit--love them all :) And your stew is incredibly yummy looking. Would you believe I've never, ever used a pressure cooker and I'm twice as old as you!!

Myra said...

You are on a roll girl! You know I just love them all. Those sly foxes are the best. That stew looks delicious and made with a pressure cooker too!

Catherine said...

Wow Berit! Your finishes are fantastic! Love the photo with your pieces in the basket!!
Your stew looks so yummy!!

Giovanna said...

Terrific PS finishes, congrats!

Siobhan said...

The picture you posted of your ornament finish with the threads and Jenny Bean? Total stitch porn. Love it. Your finishes are b-e-a-Utiful!! I think I told you this before or posted about it, but our area is big for hunts and they often do organized hunts on the lands around our house. It's really neat to see the horses & riders & dogs but it upsets me about the foxes. They do kill them here--but thankfully there are also hunts where they ride for the joy of the hunt and the fox goes free. My daughter's ridden in one and omg--loved seeing all the rituals with it!

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Great finishes!! I saw my first foxhunt on a visit to England. It's quite something to see with all the horses, hounds and that poor little fox running for his life! It took me awhile to figure out the appendage on that fox too.

Jolly Old St Nicholas is a favourite of my three sons. We have an old CD of children's music that includes that one and every year it has to be played just so they can hear that song again!

Penny said...

I love all of your PS stitching ~ especially the fox. We have foxes living around here and I always love seeing them. Delicious looking stew.

Christina said...

Berit - you say you're struggling to 'Get your Autumn on' yet you deliver a beautifully Autumnal post!
I just love Santa up on the roof, looking a bit sheepish as if caught in the act!
You certainly have a soft-spot for foxes don't you? Have you heard of Basil Brush? He's a puppet fox that was huge in the 70/80s here in the UK. His catchphrase was 'boom boom'. (Guess you had to be there...)
Your stew looks scrummy. I'm not a big red meat eater, but I'd eat your stew no problem with thick wedges of white bread (naughty, naughty).

Vonna said...

You have some lovely finishes :) Your santa looks GREAT! And I must say, JB is in full focus because she's saying "I'm Next"! :)

staci said...

Stitching photos are the best...I especially love seeing the wip ones!

Your finishes are wonderful, congrats!!!

Jackie said...

It looks like you're doing a good job of getting your autumn on to me! LOVE the yellows on the tree in your photo. We don't see anything like that here.

Daffycat said...

Darling finishes, Berit! I know Hobby Lobby has loads of gingham ribbon in the fabric department. Wait, do you have a Hobby Lobby? I would be happy to pick some up for you if not.

Sally said...

Wow you have finished some lovely things there. You gotta love PS!

Love the start on the Halloween piece.

tara said...

your stitching are so beautiful!!!congrats!!!

sana said...

Love your stitching! I love Prairie Schooler too!
Beautiful papers!

Littlebit said...

Oh, those fox finishes are absolutely beautiful, Beret!!! And the stew..yum. I love my pressure (electric) pressure cooker.