Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Merrie Hallowe'en~

It's Snowing!

These were taken about an hour ago, when it had just stared coming down.

Beginning to accrue on the roof after only 5-10 minutes!

I had Marc rush out to get these pics so that you can see our autumn color on the trees through the snow. Insane! It is still falling thick and fast an hour later. It is pretty warm, however, and I hope it melts off fast w/o stripping the trees. We are still at only 40-60% "gone" for our yearly turn-and-fall leaf show, and I don't want to endure extra weeks of barren trees this autumn! :(

I may update later with pics of the snow-blanketed landscape if there is interest.

A wonderful package arrived--a generous loan from Myra of an OOP PS that I really wanted to make an ornament (Or two!) from. She included a pretty scallop-edged fashion plate card AND best of all a fox-themed fabric bookmark which she made herself! She said it was just a little experiment, I say, "WoW!"

A (clearer) view of the other side. Myra said that she printed this design onto special fabric and then made up the bkmark!

Stacy Nash began selling walnut ink crystals, so I decided to take advantage because I have been wanting some for such a long time! Of course, I also had to get the sweetheart tree roll. something in this calls to me, though I don't know I will be making it into a roll!

This is part of the Primitive Betty's pillow I have been working on; I love the whole design, but it was working up too big on that 28 count Antique Tan! So, I grabbed an element from here and there, and added a little pumpkin! It was fun doing the ink dye, I went dark on it because it is a a Halloween piece, and small enough to not be a big risk if I botched it. I also tried dyeing some of the trim I received last time (It is pretty blue for this piece), but I think it still needs another round! :)

To keep us (me) warm in our travels, here is a pic of the tea I had at Macaron Café this week while in the city waiting for my medicine to be prepared. I was amazed when a $3 to-stay order of tea (Wedding Impérial by Mariage Frères) yielded a 2.5-3 cup cast iron pot's serving!

If it looks small, blame the barge of a cup the gave me to consume it from! Now, I really want a cast iron pot. (I want THIS cast iron pot.) lol. MF is my favorite tea house HANDS DOWN. This blend, however, is not. It is okay, but their standard French Breakfast Tea fills my desire for this type of taste better.

They were out of their divine Cassis Macarons, but I was able to make do with a Rose and Litchee. :) After the Niçoise salad I ate, it actually didn't matter (Shocking, I know!)

Well, I am off; Marc has planned a surprise for me this afternoon (Before you get jealous, let me tell you this is a First--and apology-related--but I am still so excited!) Wish me luck!

With Spooky, Snowy Wishes to you,


staci said...

Wonderful pics...we got 10 inches of snow earlier this week and it was odd to see how many trees were still green, lol!

Have fun today!

Mindi said...

Love the walnut dyed Halloween ornament you're making. I just bought some walnut crystals, and I can't believe how easy it is.

A cast iron tea pot would be wonderful. Tea would stay warm in that puppy for ages.

Margaret said...

Oooh, hope the surprise is good! I'm hoping hoping hoping we don't lose power from this storm and we don't get as much as they're saying. I can't believe this weather! Ugh! Love the ornie you're making. Nice pressie from Myra too!

Jackie said...

I wish it would snow here!

How nice for Myra to lend you the OOP PS chart. Those OOP charts can be really hard to find. I'm glad you're getting to make that much wanted ornament.

I'm sure you'll enjoy having a wonderful afternoon with Marc!

Catherine said...

We've been getting snow as well! Ugh!
Isn't Myra amazing! Love the bookmark she made.
Love your projects and that teapot!!!

Myra said...

I can not believe it is already snowing there! It is pretty. I am glad you like the bookmark and do enjoy S&S. I want that cast iron pot too! Love the results of the walnut crystals, I need to get myself some of that to experiment with too. We expect a full report on the "surprise" tomorrow. (As long as it is PG rated - if not you'll have to email me. )

Penny said...

What a cute bookmark.
I love the way your pillow looks after using the walnut ink crystals ~ love the trim you have for it too.
That tea looks like just the thing after being in the snow and wind today.
Enjoy your surprise. :)

valerie said...

That Myra is one amazing lady! So sweet of her to loan you the OOP and that bookmark is amazing!

Your primitive pillow is darling and great job with the walnut crystals. It came out great.

Hope you're keeping warm in the snow and so curious what the surprise was!

Giovanna said...

I love that bookmark Myra made! And also your Halloween WIP, it's so deliciously spooky :-)

Karen said...

Can't believe y'all got snow already! Love your dyed piece... very prim...

happy stitching...

Carol said...

We got snow, too, but only a couple of inches thank goodness!! It has already melted, just in time for the little trick-or-treaters to visit.

Wonderful gifts from the always generous Myra--enjoy!! That fox bookmark is perfect for you.

Hope your surprise from Marc was fun :)

Suzanne said...

Oh how I love this time of the year. Not for our weather but for the weather of the other hemisphere. I enjoy seeing everyone's snow photos, probably because we never get any here.