Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Cheater Cake" and Stitching

Most stitching lately has been for surprises or exchange, but I have managed some that I can show. Here's a progress pic for PS "When Witches Go Riding":

I like it so much with this open circle 'cause it looks like an old "book illumination" (Imagine the circle being filled with an illuminated letter). If I didn't like the top, also, I'd just leave it. I was so tempted that I already put in the black part of the moon, before stopping due to agonizing over where to put my signature/year.

Now, for Cake! This is my favorite "Cheater Cake" so named because you're cheating not only on your diet but also by using a box cake.

Mix up a yellow box cake (I use Duncan Hines and add a few sloshes of vanilla extract) according to box spec. Then, break up the pieces of a Hershey's semisweet bar and arrange them thus. I poured 25-30% of the batter into the bundt before tiling them down today.

I love how the squares are printed with the company logotype and "1/2" oz. I feel so baker-ish.

Pour in the rest of the batter gently and "drop" the pan a couple of times to level the batter.

35 minutes later (I did over-bake slightly, darnit!)

Let rest for 20 minutes and turn out onto plate. Slice 'n Serve on your favorite mint-green "cat-plate" with total disregard of plate's intended pre-k audience.

Mmnn, Melty-chocolate! This is so good that a friend who Hates Yellow Cake (Who hates a yellow cake? He must be a commie. It's "America's Favorite Cake". That violator on the box can't be wrong, right?) Praised it in the same sentence that he abused yellow cake. I leveled my best "You just sprouted a second head" gaze at him and informed him that it was in fact a yellow cake.

Point: This cake is the perfect "carrier" for delicious chocolate. You could serve it with some whipped cream (add rum when you make it!) or pudding or custard, but that really is gilding the proverbial lily. It was a great way to celebrate Marc's recovery and the advent of a new 'Fridge at Chez Bunny-Bear.

I'd like to add my apology that these photos aren't more appetizing--our little nest's kitchen lacks any window.

In other news, SailBoat Biscornu is ready for finishing!

Photo from last night; not the best lighting.

The light colour of the waves is a Dinky Dye silk on this, the "front". I used the recommended DMC for the back, however. I think I like the slightly greener DMC better, but after ripping out the front's dark wave silk (Belle Soie Peacock) for being too green, I decided to let the slight varigation of the silk stay.

Just now, with plenty of sun. The true colours are somehwhere in-between. I love those bottles from Ikea, and so I wedge them into the photo whenever possible. (You should have seen our Christmas pics--Marc's face got obscured by one of them--but only partially so we could still use it for our cards. lol.) As for the desk-clutter, I must love that, too, 'cause it's always there no matter how many times I clear the desk.

I still haven't heard from the House Biscornu winner, but I'm going to wait it a bit more before re-drawing. I really hope I don't have to--I can't say how disappointed I'd be if I somehow won something and then wasn't able to claim it/didn't realize I needed to do something and it was whisked out from under me! I hope things are okay with her generally, and no major disaster has occurred!

For now, it's back to finishing my Sailboat Biscornu, packaging up some things (between exchanges, a pattern return, RAKS, and my little giveaway I've got quite a pile of things to haul to the post. Ugh--I wish the humidity would give me a break!), stitching on My New Start (Whee!!), and of course Wednesday is Bathroom Cleaning Day.

Happy Midweek, Everyone!

Yours Cheerfully,

EDIT: After so many requests, I'm adding the link to buy the Sailboat Biscornu from The Floss here. The only change I made was subbing 5200 for Blanc DMC.


Sharlotte said...

The stitching looks great! That design is one of favorites from Prairie Schooler. Oh, that cake!!!! I hope you hear from your winner soon.

Deb said...

I think that Witches is one of my favorite PS designs. That cake looks yummy. I should try it - I think it's fun to mess around with packaged mixes - like the Cake Doctor does. And your little designs are going to make a wonderful biscornu. I'll look forward to seeing it finished up. I've always been afraid to try one of those.

Kathy said...

I love that PS design. And you did a wonderful job on the stitching.
As for the biscornu. The stitching is fabulous. I cna't wait to see it oput together.

The cake looks yummy and I'm not really a cake person. (I much prefer cookies and danish to regular cake.) :)

Mama Joan said...


I finally see that I was the winner of the biscornu. I just sent off an email with my address. Hope you got it.

Mama Joan said...

I also needed to add a THANK YOU and I am so excited to be a winner. Hope you are well and and thank you again.

Cari-in-VA said...

I love, love your new biscornu - what a great piece.

Your cake sounds and looks very yummy (your pics are great). Anything is better with chocolate!

Great PS piece - it is really crowded and I'm curious to see where you put your initials as it is choc full of fun stuff.

Christina said...

The Sailboat biscornu is so cute! The colours are so vibrant, they practically 'pop' out at you! Can't wait to see it finished.

Patti said...

Okay first things first. I love the look of that cake - I can get Duncan Hines here but not Hershey anything!!!
Secondly I have looked all over for that sailboat biscornu and can't find it :(- Thirdly your stitching is just gorgeous. That's is really. I also loved your house Biscornu but I love the sailboat one more better (well you can't say betterer now can you?).
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Sally said...

Love your PS piece and sailboat looks gorgeous.

Mmmmm that cake looks yummy!

Lucy said...

Great the sailboat!!! (not talking about the cake cause it will make me hungry!!)

Myra said...

I fall more in love with witches each time you show it. It would probably take me forever to stitch it though. Mmmmm, the cake looks yummy. You can't go wrong when you add chocolate to anything! I really like the sailboat biscornu - I think I have that pattern too. I hope you are having a great week!

mainely stitching said...

Looks like the perfect cake for my Mom's upcoming birthday. I'm sort of 'cooked out' when it comes to baking at the moment, but can't let her birthday pass without cake. Thanks!

Karen said...

Your cake does look yummy...I could use some chocolate right now!

Great stitching on Witches. Love the biscornu too...can't wait to see it all finished.

Michelle said...

Great stitching on Witches - that is such a great piece! The sailboat biscornu is also going to be stunning.

Elaine said...

Love the PS piece and I can;t wait to see the biscornu finished, it looks gorgeous!
Cake looks really yummy.

Vonna said...

Your "Witches go Riding" is looking wonderful! Almost there :)
And that cake...don't even get me started...yellow cake and Hershey's...well that is a concotion of pure delight in my book...considering it is my two FAVORITE things!
LOVE the sailboat biscornu to be :)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Sail Boat Biscornu is awesome, can't wait to see it together. As for the cheater cake, it looks wonderful, now, if you can figure out a way to cheat the scales after we eat a piece it would be just perfect. Have a great weekend.
Be always in stitches.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

The cake looks yummy! I am going to try it - I love yellow cake and chocolate so I'm all over that!

Your PS piece is wonderful and that biscornu is going to be fabulous - love the design!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the PS piece, especially the bottom half with that creepy witch! The Sailboat Biscornu is gorgeous - the colours really pop on that dark fabric.

Bonnie said...

Love the sailboat biscornu. Gonna have to try the cheater cake, but I am not the owner of a bundt pan. lol!

I like your PS also. One of my favorite designs.

Kathy A. said...

Love your PS Halloween - looking great.
Great cake idea - will have to try that.
I NEED (LOL) that biscornu pattern. Love it!!!
Wherever is it from? Could you email me the info at

BeckySC said...

LOVE your PS!!! and that sail boat is so colorful :) I have a great many of the Floss Box biscornu charts that I ordered earlier this year...I reall need to pull some of them to stitch :)
I hope things are going better for you my friend! I am always thinking of and praying for you :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sailboat biscornu, what a great design and you stitched it beautifully :)