Friday, September 21, 2012

A Few Photos No. 01

Hello, Everyone. Hoping all is well with you. Today, I have a few photos from here. (i.e. Let's see if I remember how to do this!)
Four quarters of a block from my 21st Century Bullseye Quilt--Deb inspired me to try this one--waiting to be sewn together.
I made this using a layer cake I won from BBD in "Garden Party". I'm wondering if I'd like it better if I omitted the reds.
I tried making Ina Garten's "Favorite Jam Thumbprint Cookies". (She really did say they were her favorite. How many Jam Thumbprint cookie recipes are in your repertoire?) The bottoms came out rather burnt looking, but did not taste burnt. I added some crushed cardamom seeds to the vanilla extract which I soaked overnight. Make this with Bonne Maman jams! :D
I started stitching Prairie Schooler Whoo's There? Halloween Card. It is 1/2 on supposed-to-be-36-but-actually-42 count Barn Owl by Linens by Design (formerly produced by BoaF). There were two of these Halloween cards released at the same time by PS (see other), and I love both. I reluctantly started with this one because Marc is afraid of the wide-eyed owls. I am rather farther along now, and one night I was burning the midnight oil to "just finish a little more. just finish the owl-outline." If you from a portmanteau of the words "owl" and "outline", it is REALLY fun to say. "Aaooutline" So, that is my new title for this piece.
I splurged on a new ticking stripe shower curtain. It is a linen/cotton combo, and I adore the french blue stripe with navy outline. (aoutline?) Until next time, my Best Wishes, Berit


gloriahanaway said...

So glad you are back! Thank you so much for the Fence Cat's Halloween! I stitched it last year and gifted it to Lori Rudolph of Retrorudolph's. She is currently designing fabric and her Halloween designs have a wonderful vintage Beastie quality. If you would like to see my finish of your design- it is my board cover for "Halloween Cross Stitch" on Pinterest. Thanks again and so happy you are posting again!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness Berit - how I love your Bullseye! I really, really love it!! And I personally love the reds in it! In fact I love yours tons better than I like mine!! I'm so happy that you finally made it!

Those Thumbprint cookies look yummy. I think that I have a few or those recipes floating around, but I think that I need to try these. I love cardamon seeds in cookies.

And great start on the PS piece and love that ticking strip too.

Congrats on the quilt though!! I really do love it!

Marjorie said...

Gosh you are an even worse blogger than I am :) Good to see you back! Love the owls!

Margaret said...

Oh my! That bullseye quilt is spectacular! How can your not like the red? Love the red! lol! Love your PS piece too! and the cookies -- yum! Nice shower curtain as well. Nice to see you posting again!

Erica said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the colors!
Love the owl too!

Carol said...

Yay! You're back :) Lovely, lovely quilt, Berit--beautiful colors you've chosen and I like your PS start as well.

And anything blue and white is perfect in my book--love that new shower curtain!

Enjoy your weekend...

Siobhán said...

It's so good to see a post from you, Berit! I LOVE that quilt! It's gorgeous--I think the reds look great in it. Nice PS WIP, too!

Giovanna said...

Great quilt, and I really like the reds in it too :-) Nice start on the Halloween PS - must do it too...

BARBARA said...

OH Berit, I am so thrilled to see you blogging again. I got hooked on PS designs again because of the beautiful ones you had stitched and I checked often this past year to see if you posted anything....HOPE ALL IS WELL AND WELCOME BACK.. Barbara Sturtz

Catherine said...

A post full of goodies! Love your quilt and the red!

Christina said...

Your quilting work is so neat Berit. I don't know how you have the patience!
Love the owls on your new PS start. I've never seen that design before. I'm a little hooked on Halloween stitching at the moment, just little projects that can be completed in a few evenings. Perhaps I'll stitch a PS ornie next???
Great to see a post from you - I've missed you! :0)

Brigitte said...

Berit, it's great to see you post again. Welcome back.
Your quilt looks terrific. And what I love most are the red spots everywhere. But then I must say that red is my favourite colour, and in this quilt it looks fabulous together with the other colours. And what a nice PS project. Of course, I had to order the two cards as well but haven't started stitching them yet.

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