Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quilts & Kylie

Lately I've been having fun with the Scrap Lab Fig Tree recently introduced...

Some days (like the one on which these photos were shot) are dim, but with these fabrics it's ALWAYS spring in my studio!

I'm making the table-top quilt Joanna showed because I like it and I've never pieced a quilt before. The directions are found in the Summer volume of BH&G's "Quilts & More" Magazine. (I'm planning to list my copy for sale when I finish jic anyone wants it/can't find it when I finish.)

The print in center here is my favorite (though maybe not my favorite colourway). I'm also loving the overblown poppy print when it's cropped up tight like this--I love poppies and recently planted some seeds Edgar gave me for California poppies on my terrace. They are in containers and only planted a week ago--wonder if they'll sprout? :D

Thanks to a kind friend, I was able to attend one of the performances of Kylie Minogue's Aprhodite tour. It was held in the city at the Hammerstein Ballroom. (We went to the second of three nights, Tuesday May 3rd.) I am such a fan, so I cannot resist at least some comment here. :)

Kylie rose from the floor in a gorgeous gilt shell as the incarnation of Botticelli's famous Venus.

Creating the necessary materials for this stage spectacle cost 25m. D&G is reported to have created all the costuming--not entirely sure about how much of the dancers' and backup singers' wardrobe they contributed.

Aprodite, which shares the name of the album it promotes, is Kylie's second tour in the US. I actually attended a performance of her first (For You, For Me) in Oct. 2009, but never mentioned it here because it proved a heart-wrenching experience. Our tickets were the closest to the stage available--general admission to the ballroom floor. While Kylie is much beloved overseas, here her small but devoted fanbase is quite homogeneously comprised of homosexuals. Which proved problematic for me, because....

MEN ARE TALL! You've never been engulfed in a thick crowd until you've been stranded in a sea of unrelieved men. Tall, tall men!

Oh! I saw Kylie for a grand total of 4 seconds as entered the stage from above that night...and the stage itself never. They were forever just beyond the reach of the eyes in my 5'4"-5" frame.

This time, I made sure the tickets were in the small balcony! So, I did see the show! I also learned that though the balcony LOOKS close, an opera glass or other binocs are a necessary item. I'm so glad friend Tak took so many pics b/c I get to "see" the show again... up close! Marc saw a sign posted advising attendees that they consented to filming by being present, so I do hope this will be a video release. :D I also hope Ms. Minogue will tour here again.

These winged earpieces put me in mind of Valkyries and the PS2 game Odin Sphere.

All of the music on Kylie's show is live--a band performs the music and backup singers sing accompaniment which was tracked on the album. No lip-sync with dance here!

I do have quite a regard for this most famous of Kylie's Fine Assets. ;)

The "Bathing Beauty" costume for the finale.

Overall, I feel her shows have not been as "fun" as they were before her Showgirl tour and cancer battle, but I still beyond enjoyed it.

Thanks for everything, readers--I so appreciate you and your comments, too. I feel that I must apologize for being somewhat absent online. I'm still "keeping on" and cooking up something good which I hope you'll enjoy. I had a few more "spring things" to put in this post, but will save for next time as it has run long already! Hope you saw something you enjoy!



Myra said...

Berit, those fabrics are gorgeous and your quilt is going to be even more so. Fondling fabric is fun, isn't it? :o) Great pics of the show and it sounds like you had a great time.

Margaret said...

Love all the fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the table quilt! It should be gorgeous! Glad you got to see Kylie this time. I sympathize -- I'm even shorter than you are, so I know what you're saying. It must be nice to be tall. lol!

Katrina said...

The fabrics are gorgeous!!! And the concert looks like so much fun too.

Elaine said...

Can;t wait to see the finished quilt the fabrics are gorgeous!
Looks like a great concert we saw Kylie in her Showgirl tour it was a great night.

Carol said...

What soft and beautiful fabrics, Berit! Your quilt will be lovely. And what a fun time it sounds like you had at the show--looks quite spectacular :)

Andrea said...

Gorgeous quilt fabric, love the subtle colours. So glad you got to 'see' Kylie this time around. I'm in the 5'3" range so I would of had the same trouble!

Suzanne said...

Such lovely coloured fabrics you are using.

What a great looking show. I am glad that you enjoyed yourself.