Friday, February 11, 2011

A-Stitching We Will Go!~

This week, I "partied" from my stitching basket. :)

from the November Prairie Schooler Booklet, Before:


Running into some issues with the color changes I made; I feel like working on a PS these days, so rather than fret over choosing more overdyes from within the limits of my stash, I'm going to mix in the recommended DMC. The gourd is 2/3 DMC, and it looks fine so I think it won't be any problem.

I do hear other PS designs calling to me, though. :D I wish I could pick (preferably from stash1) a linen for my "signature" PS design, Fox & Grapes. This is seriously my favorite one ever, as I am fox-crazy, but I have SO many ideas for sizes/finishes/fibers whirling in my head that I never get down to it. I wonder if I could stitch it more than once. It DOES have a beastly quantity of vine, after all.

JB Christmas Before:


Whew! This week's shots are decidedly un-blogworthy

I'm not putting in the Holly Berries or the Snow yet, and I'm hoping I don't regret it. I'm not a huge fan of stitching little bitsy single exes scattered across the field.


Freebie Update:

The stitching is finally complete, and I think it looks great (hoping you will too!) but I've run into a snag.

This chart will be offered as a freebie with no specific material recommendations to make it accessible for everyone, but I liked my picks SO much, and had access to some extra of the rather unique linen I used that I began plotting to offer some kits in case any readers were really besotted with the model.

*Non-Stitchy Whining-Ahead alert; skip if desired :)*

Really, it started with some awesome "spiderweb" trim I bought in the City, and planned to hand-dye and put on a little pillow. Then this design grew out of that. So, what's the snag? A corporation who decided we could live for 5 weeks on 75% of one week's pay, that's what! :P (Marc's changing his employment status from a paid-weekly freelancer to that of a Salaried Company Man paid every 2 weeks. So, due to their pay-cycle this means that we can expect 1 week's worth of pay 3 weeks after the last time we were paid...then another 2 weeks before we are paid again--but for a full 2 weeks at that time. This is the week we were *supposed* to receive the 1-week check-- but it, again, wasn't in today's post.)

*end Whine-Fest*

So, It means (among other things, of course) that I just do not have the "venture capital" for a yard or two of backing fabric plus the extra linen for the kits right now. But I'm not giving up! Instead I'm trusting that if it's meant to be the the trim and linen will remain available until I can procure them :D If the gridlock continues for too long, I will re-think offering the kits at all and just blog the design, but I really think some of you will want them because they combination is beautiful, easy (yup, it's possible to affect the "ease" with fiber choice on 32 ct! :D) and Fun! And that's not something I say about "filling-in" previously! Also, I'd hoped to debut with a complete-package type design. :D I've also been having fun calculating ways to make it less expensive so that it would be easier to pick it up! :D I do love a good deal on stitching.

So, I really want to thank my loyal and kind readers and friends for your patience and continued interest in my sight-unseen project. I am so touched by your interest. Also, I have heard (and been excessively flattered) some requests for a ~sneak peek~!

I do want to show one, though I'd hoped to have the finishing done first, and I've been waiting for some good light on these Winter Days for photographing.

Well, Please continue to look for Good Things soon from me, and

With my Best to You,


omashee aka Barb said...

Berit, if that's your grade for today, good for you! I'd have to grade myself as a D- right now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely progress on both pieces!

Sandra said...

Can't wait Berit. It sounds really exciting. If you post your sneak peak while I'm in Nashville, I won't be able to comment, but will look forward to it when I return.
Many Happy Stitches,
Homespun Elegance

Myra said...

Yay you for working on those WIP's. They are all wonderful pieces. PS designs are fun to stitch, I am itching to do another Santa ornie but I must work on Shores a bit first.

@*#&* corporations! Don't they realize some of us out here have to live?! I will pray that you are able to get through this "dry" time and that great things are on the horizon for Marc.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Great progress on both pieces! The transition from one pay period with one company to another with a new company can definitely be painful.
Looking forward to seeing what you're freebie is! I have no doubt it'll be fabulous!

carol fun said...

Oh I love both of those WIPs- they are so pretty! As for dealing with large corporations, I understand your frustration - they just don't seem to comprehend how difficult they can make what appears to be a simple accounting process - grrrr! Can't wait to see what you've come up with - I'm sure it will be wonderful. Take care --

mainely stitching said...

Jenny Bean and PS are looking wonderful! I wish you a lot of patience in getting used to the new pay schedule and all the glitches.

Siobhan said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs, Berit!

Carol said...

As you know, these are two of my favorite designers, Berit, so, of course, I'm really enjoying watching your progress on them. You've really got my curiosity going now as to what you've created for us :) Good luck...

Katrina said...

Love both your WIPs, the Jenny Bean Christmas piece is especially gorgeous.

Lynn said...

You've made some great progress on both your WIP. I love how you've stitched a cat on the roof in your JB sampler.
Your plans for your kits sound intriguing. I'm looking forward to a peek too!

Robin said...

Berit, I am practically falling out of my chair, I'm so anxious to see your design. :) I'm sure that it is outstanding since everything that I've seen you do is! My sympathies about the paycheck issue. I'll be starting a new job soon and it will be almost a month before my first paycheck. I feel your pain!

Meadows08 said...

Great WIP's! I'm looking forward to seeing your design.

Christina said...

Jenny Bean is looking so good - I'm half tempted myself...I'm even imagining how I'd frame it!
Glad to hear your freebie is finished, I can't wait to see it.
Sorry to hear the problems with the job situ, hope it resolves itself soon.

Giovanna said...

Great progress on both WIPs, well done!

Sally said...

Both your WIPs look fantastic! I do love Jenny Bean. Think I might just have to invest in that one.

Glad to hear your freebie is finished. Looking forward to seeing it :)

Brigitte said...

Both WIPs are wonderful. I'm a long-time admirer of Prairie Schooler, and I've fallen in love with Jenny Bean.

Andrea said...

Lovely progress on both of your pieces.

Elaine said...

Both wips are sooo pretty. Can;t wait to see your freebie.

DonnaTN said...

Your wip's are coming right along. I think it is great to mix DMC and what ever else you've got to make your pieces truly your own. Now I'm intrigued by spider web trim. I'm looking forward to seeing your unique creation!

omashee aka Barb said...

So looking forward to your creation! Your stitching is lovely and I'm a firm believer in mixing fibers to make your pieces uniquely yours.