Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Fox and Stash-clearing!~

I've been stitching on WiPs and also started stitching the model for my first Original Design, which will be a freebie when I get it finished! I am SO enjoying watching it take shape.

Now, the progress pics!

Decided to change the "B" on this one, but don't quite like it. I'm thinking of making it a darker color. Or should I just put my signature initial "B" and be done with it?

And "November Windows" by Prairie Schooler (actually just "November"'s companion chart.

I'm already almost out of the darkest color's skein for this one!

The Fox!

Tom needs a body--perhaps someone ate it! (actually the color I subbed--thinking it was only for the words--is way too dark so a plan B is in order.)

Here's my finish of HE's Stitching Necessaire; I've had this one for a while, but still need to find the perfect finishing fabric. I know I need at least some felt for the pincushion, but I just don't have a source. I really wish I could see some samples in person.

I made a few changes to this; I put a bunny and key at the left where the original had an elk/reindeer. And my initial at the side where the quirky bird (who I actually liked) had been. This was because I killed the initial at the top so I could wedge in the fleur-de-lis. I've been trying to use that thing in something forever now! My first attempt was to put it in Good Morning Rooster, but I think it would have been top-heavy there. I may do it yet!

The Short List:

• Language exam on Sunday in the Bronx (Never been there). So didn't study for it (though I DID learn about 120 kanji), so I'm going to sit it with a "go and see" attitude. Less than thrilled, but the only other option is staying home and pouting.

• Christmas Spirit is Hit-or-Miss. Finally put up the tree last night, but one strand of lights was a dud so couldn't hang the ornaments. (but I hung up my HE one and the two that Patty C. sent me this year for her giveaway. The look great, but before retiring for the evening was suddenly plagued with the perception that the tree itself was clutter. This may be because it isn't finished (the plastic feet are showing and it's not tucked against the wall.)

• Have been enjoying wonderful apricot tea that Edgar sent me as a birthday present! Thank you, my friend--made my day!

• I've taken up washing my hair daily (as I did for about the first 23 years of my life) and left off after following guru advice after encountering altered condition due to migrating into to Jersey's hard water. (I began doing something between every other day and 2x per week). So far, I'm thrilled with it, and feel like the weight of being Pigpen of Peanuts fame has lifted from my shoulders. My hair is thick on the head but fine of strand, will curl if left wet, and of a carmel colour with red and blonde highlights. My brows are blond. SO not only was having more oil on my scalp uncomfortable, but it was dingeing-out my color! I'd been living with a "dishwater brown" for about 5 years! ugh! Hair still falling out, though perhaps less severely? I've been using Lush's Cinnamon oil solid shampoo bar, which is good, though you need a nice conditioner. I'm using a lavender one from Paul Mitchel. Usually, I use Goldwell or Shieseido.

• Have been pondering for a while now how much I would love-LOVE-Love to make up a nice personal care/spa deluxe gift set and raffle it away on my blog; especially during the "stress" of the Season. I do know SO many neat and nifty objects and products (both pricey and cheap) that I'd love to share! Unfortunately, I'd need about $200-300 to really "do it up right", when a tenth of that already isn't possible! :P

Please take care and spoil yourselves with a little extra personal care this season; Relax, Enjoy, and Stitch with more joy for the rest of the year!



Okay, now for Round 2 of the Blessings Basket!

The Particulars Recap:

• If you want any/all of these giveaway items, just mention the one(s) you'd like in the comments section.
• If more than one person wants a particular item, a Randomizer will pick the New Home. :)
• If no one wants to adopt it, the item will go into the goodwill box. This just a chance let my readers rummage through my donations box first.
• I can't get too caught up in running this thing like a pro as I'm studying for this exam, so the listing will end when I decide to post the next thing(s); I'll announce the winner right before the new listing!
• Don't expect a super-speedy delivery; Saturdays are probably the only day I can journey to the post.
• All are welcome to "win"--be ye Lurker or Bosom Friend--you could get "all" the items or just one, and no limit on future "wins".

• Happy Hunting!

Items 1 & 2: "Gentleman Quaker" by Jardin Prive AND/OR "Santa Arrives Tonight" by HE

GQ is new, and SAT is gently used. Looking for good homes; would you like to stitch one of these?

Item 3: Antique Book (Prop)

Not sure we'll have any takers for this one. It's Green Dolpin Street by Elizabeth Goudge. Selling Point 1: Nice ('n worn) gilt embossed spine title.

Cover has a spot or two.

This novel is by the same woman who wrote the children's book The Little White Horse, which is an all-time fave of mine. I forgot that I'd read this elsewhere in my teens, and requested it from Bookmooch last year. It's perfectly readable, for all that I wouldn't recommend it.

I should advise that I would not recommend it the same way I don't recommend Great Expectations (or any other Dickens work for that matter), Wuthering Heights, or Ethan Fromme. :) It's not a "The Great (Insert-Country-Name-Here) Novel" that the aforementioned are, but you get the picture. DO read The Little White Horse (You'll just have to ignore the insipid, forgettable unicorn--yes, unicorn--inspired title.)

Selling Point: This book IS circa 1944, which makes it an antique; furthermore it contains a charming wartime "ration" note.

Item 3: 5 Bookmooch Points (aka 5 used books of your choice)

Speaking of Bookmooch, I'll share some of my mouldering points if anyone already is a member of BM or wants to try it.

About Bookmooch: Key points would be the overview and how points work.

So, if you "win" this prize, you must be or become a member of BM, but instead of listing or giving books, I'll then "smooch" you 5 points, which is enough to request 5 books of your choice!

This is honestly a great and fun service; I hope someone'll take me up on this and try it out! My profile is here.


Kathy A. said...

Some lovely stitching there Berit.
I love your design with the cat on the roof. Love the colors in this one.
Your PS is coming along beautifully.
I would be interested in either 1 or 2 of your giveaways.

Margaret said...

I love all your stitching! I'm interested to see your first original design as well. I'd love to have the chance at item 1 and 2 of your giveaway. :D

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

~Swooning~ over your model, delighted to follow your progress, thx so much for sharing:) Have a lovely weekend:) xoxo

valerie said...

Great progress on your Jenny Bean! I would have changed out the B too. The B looked like an 8. The PS is coming along nicely too.

As a teen, I had massive amounts of hair and even though I still have a lot, I don't have nearly as much as then and I miss it. Now I take biotin and it seems to be helping. A good brush is a total plus too. I wonder what causes the loss too but people say stress or thyroid and I've been a stresscase for a long while now. :)

Can I put my name in for #2? Thanks!

Hazel said...

Oh my goodness, your wips are looking fantastic! I like the B but there ya go. So, I can't believe you're giving away more beautiful stuff! I don't rate my chances of winning a second time but you got to be in it to win it right? So I'd def be interested in the first 2 items. All the best with your studies. xx

Deb said...

You're making great progress on your Jenny Bean! That is such a cute design! And I love your Prairie Schooler piece too. I've wanted to do one of those for a long time - actually have visions of doing all the months, but probably won't get there.

Can't wait to see your new design. I think it's wonderful that you're designing something.

And if I had to pick something to win, I think I'd pick Number 2 - I don't have many Christmas designs and I really like that one.

Diane said...

Great progress on everything. Can't wait to see your original design.

I'd love to be entered for 1, 2, and 3. I've considered book swaps in the past but I hate dealing with the mailing end of things, so i don't think it's for me. Thanks!

Jackie said...

You're a beautiful stitcher and I'm really looking forward to your first design.

I like the B.

I used to have much thicker hair but now that I'm older it's thinned out quite a bit - just like my moms. I have it cut really short now and that has been great. I can dry it, style it and be completely done in just a few minutes.

I'd love to be entered for #1 or #2.

Myra said...

Love all your WIP's. Please put my name in the hat for the HE chart.

Ellen said...

Love your wips! Would love a chance to win the HE chart, thank you.


Daffycat said...

Really gorgeous stitching, Berit!

I'd be interested in any of the giveaways. I do collect "old" hardcover books so the pretty gilt blue one would have a good home =] I've never heard of Bookmooch so I'm going to check it out...

Carol said...

Ahhh... Prairie Schooler and HE WIPs--my very favorite designs! Love all of them Berit!

Hope your hair has decided to stay put for a while now! At least it isn't falling out as quickly. I go through a period every autumn where I seem to lose more hair than normal. Then it goes back to a normal fall-out rate.

Best of luck on your test (on Sunday!!!???)...

I would also love a chance to win the HE chart. Thanks so much :)

Blu said...

Gorgeous stitching! It's whenever I see close ups that I remember how much I like PS.

I'll just add my name to the competition for #1 (although I'm actually just after GQ)

staci said...

Beautiful stitching and progress Berit! Can't wait to see your original design!

Good luck on your exam :)

Jan said...

Such lovely are making super great progress with them. I would love to be entered, in your giveaways, especially the Gentleman Quaker.

Lynn said...

I love all of your WIP but particularily like the one with the cat on the roof. And I think the B looks just fine the way it is.

Patti said...

I LOVE all your stitching but liked Lynn my favorite is the one with the cat on the roof but then again I love HE's Stitching Necessaire with the changes you made to that one too. I can't wait to see what you have designed
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Siobhan said...

Your WIPs are beautiful! I really need to drag out my Jenny Bean Christmas--I might just break down and start it this year.

Love that PS, too! :)

Brigitte said...

Berit, I do love your WIPs, all three of them. Very beautiful. And wow, you are beginning a designing career. I'm looking forward to your first design.

Sally said...

I LOVE your Jenny Bean. I think I might just have to treat myself to this when I come off the stash wagon next February!

Love your PS too and the HE.

Giovanna said...

Great going on your WIPs, they're all gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing your original design :) I'd love to go into the draw for Santa Arrives Tonight if that's OK :) Your WIPs are looking great :D

gracie said...

Just found you...I would love to be considered for item 1 or 2....

omashee aka Barb said...

Beautiful stitching (as usual) Berit. Can't wait to see your Origin Design.
I'd be interested in item 1 or 2 or the Bookmooch Points. Thank you for sharing your "stash" before you declutter.
Merry christmas and hugs

Pointed Stitcher said...

That is your design? It is beautiful in design, color and stitching. You have amazing talent!!