Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Presence...

...and even some presents! :)

Friday, November 12th was my 28th birthday--and I even got some presents! I'll show those first. :)

It was just NOT one of those Birthdays (Can I just say that my hair has been falling out for the last 3 weeks to the tune of a 20-30% loss?), so I decided to refresh my mood and get myself a cat:

Jenny Bean Christmas WiP. :)

Now With Cat!

This cat is adapted from HE's Stitching Necessaire. It so reminds me of the dragon Toothless from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Animal (esp. cat) lovers MUST see this movie--that dragon is simply adorable. :)

Marc brought home some pink roses. :)

On Saturday I got to pick our the restaurant for our friend group's dinner, and I decided upon La Riviera in Clifton 'cause we'd been there once before and it was well-received. Also, I REALLY wanted to try the Ossobuco, which you can see at the top of their dinner menu. It was so good, though really rich! :) They are really a seafood place foremost, and the Seafood Salad was even better than last time. :) One of my friends brought me an American cookbook as a gift.

NOW, to the Good Stuff: A couple of my good blogging friends actually sent me gifts! That they MADE! Boy, was I happy and touched. Just, really.

(With apologies for the poor lighting today:)

Myra sent me a large-sized pouch: Now I've got a set! :D As anyone who has been lucky enough to receive one knows, it is SO well-made! I also love the homespun fabric and tea-dyed pom-pom trim she included. Previously, I didn't really *get* the Pom-pom trim "craze" but this stuff is really special-must be the hand-dying. ;) Myra, thank you again: I love these gifts and can't wait to use them. The large pouch should be perfect for BBD Mystery--as soon as I can get the linen sorted!

I love the fabric and the skeleton key (a favorite!) zipper pull. :3

From Christina, a wonderful pin pillow of a PS motif! I actually loaned Christina this chart, and boy did that work out for me! (lol!)

Dear Reader, you may recall the "Checkerboard Moon Question" from WWGR--I told Christina that I'd just re-stitch an ornament so that I could have one with that effect--lucky for me, she beat me to it! :D

And, look at all those FABULOUS RIBBONS! They are ALMOST as good as the piece itself. Previously, she sent me an exchange finished with some of it (which I adored)--now I have SO MUCH! What a fun prospect to ponder. :)

Thank you, friends for the presents and also to those who sent me kind birthday wishes--your friendships mean so much to me; truly, I can only say I was quite moved that you would think of me.

Thanks also to all my visitors, readers, and commenters--I love having a space that you like to visit! I'm a bit "AFK" this month due to preparing for that exam on 5th Dec.; I've been trying to limit my computer time and I thus owe so many comments and visits! Please know that I'm thinking of you all and looking forward to having more blogosphere time next month.


Now, on to the "Presence" part. This blog is already growing long in the tooth, but I'm going to go ahead and launch a scheme that I've been pondering ever since I began contemplating having to leave behind "being 27"--sometime after the halfway point of October.

Two things I believe:

• We are blessed to be a blessing to others.
• I don't believe that for me there are any "neutral" possessions.

You see, compulsive hoarding is something that at least 2 members of my family exhibit, and I realized in my late teens that things either either hurt or help me, and nothing in between. As William Morris said,

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Now, anyone who saw my house would never think I have a hoarding problem, but it's because I've chosen to share, donate, give, and release that this is the case. :)

As someone who focused most of their secondary and all post-secondary formal education on the arts and design, I have A LOT of supplies and works I need to store. And a relatively small stash of cross stitch as I only started getting into it seriously about 2 years ago--BUT I still already have some things whose time has come to move on to a new home where they can bless a new owner who is excited about them! :D

...Maybe You? ;)

The Particulars:

• If you want any/all of these giveaway items, just mention the one(s) you'd like in the comments section.

• If more than one person wants a particular item, a Randomizer will pick the New Home. :)

• If no one wants to adopt it, the item will go into the goodwill box. This just a chance let my readers rummage through my donations box first.

• I can't get too caught up in running this thing like a pro as I'm studying for this exam, so the listing will end when I decide to post the next thing(s); I'll announce the winner right before the new listing!

• Don't expect a super-speedy delivery; Saturdays are probably the only day I can journey to the post.

• All are welcome to "win"--be ye Lurker or Bosom Friend--you could get "all" the items or just one, and no limit on future "wins".

• Happy Hunting!

Item 1: LHN WiP

This includes the leftover threads (enough to stitch again except green) and chart.

It is much cooler than the photo shows, stitched on 28 count unknown linen, finished but for a flower bud at the left, un-ironed, and contains a counting error at the white underlining "Who Believes".

I added some sweet beads to the blossoms: Would you love to have this to iron up and make into a little pillow or cupboard hang-up?

It was originally for a gift, and so it doesn't "fit" anywhere in my house. I'll include the beads you need to finish the last blossom. :)

Full Disclosure: This piece is from my "Early Days" of stitching, so here's the back so you know what you're getting into. ;)

Item 2:Mill Hill Holiday Harmony Charts

Last year I bought these bead/chart/DMC packs because my favorite Christmas ornaments from childhood were these tiny brass music instruments.

Now, I did stitch them, so what I'm offering you is CHARTS ONLY, except for a little of the Harp leftover. And an all-but-full skein of Au Ver a Soie 2936 silk. It's not called for, but I think you need it for Christmas stitching, anyway. ;)

Item 3: Halloween Chart by HiH

Today's only "all-new" offering!


Happy Mid-Week, all! Remember to stop and relax with a hot cup of cider or tea amid the Thanksgiving-Planning Hustle!



~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Nice post Berit, lovely pink roses and my very warm and special birthday wishes to you! Hope you enjoyed! Hair loss can link to a possible thyroid condition, plz see your doc if you're not feeling like your usual self.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday! Love the pink roses - I never could understand how people thought red ones were so beautiful compared to the pinks. You got some lovely goodies in the mail to.

I just started Jenny Bean Halloween and I love the cat you put on the Christmas sampler!

I hope you're feeling well.

Barbara said...

Toothless is GREAT! I've watched the movie twice with the kids so far.

Happy birthday - I am just sorry that I was too out of it to realize it was your birthday in time to send you greetings. :)

Love your stitching, as always. :D :D :D

Margaret said...

Happy belated birthday!! What lovely gifts you received! Sounds like you had a good day! Love how you put a cat on your Christmas sampler -- so cute!

Maggee said...

Hello! I do not know how I ended up on your blog, but am enjoying it! Happy Belated Birthday! If you are still giving away WIP#1 I am interested in it. Just let me know...Hugs!

Blu said...

Happy belated birthday!
Gorgeous roses! And tons of fun presents.

Can I toss my name in for 2 & 3?

valerie said...

Happy birthday!

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday! I did the Jenny Bean Christmas and wished I had thought to add My dog Sammi to the picture. The cat looks wonderful. You recieved some great gifts. I hope that you use the pom-poms. I love them.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Berit!!. The flowers are gorgeous! Happy stitching too! Every girl needs a cat... ;o)

Hazel said...

Oh Berit! Happy Birthday and what a lovely bunch of stuff to give away. Now did I read you right? Are you offering both the LHN chart AND the stitched piece?? If so I'll gladly take them off your hands. I'll make yours into a gift and stitch one for myself and hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with the back of that stitching! Mine is worse than that and I have been stitching for nearly 20 years! Lovely wips too and lovely blogger gifts. x

Giovanna said...

Many Happy Returns! Absolutely beautiful roses, and great stitching!

Vonna said...

Happy Belated Birthday...sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day :)
Your WIPS are gorgeous :)

Carol said...

Your birthday gifts and the pink roses from Marc are just wonderful, Berit! They are the most delicate, lovely shade of pink! Happy Belated Birthday to you :)

I love your little cat on top of the house in your JB Christmas--perfect! If I ever stitch it, I may have to borrow your idea--I am a black cat addict...

I do hope you can get that hair loss figured out soon--that would be very worrisome indeed!

DonnaTN said...

Happy Birthday! Your roses are lovely. How generous of you to offer your extra things to new homes. I had a friend who would do that with clothing. If she hadn't worn it in a year, she would donate it so that someone else could get the use of it.

Christina said...

I'm so glad you like the pin cushion Berit!
The roses from Marc are beautiful. Roses are my 2nd favourite flower (after Irises - of course!)
The pom pom trim from Myra is just gorgeous, I look forward to seeing what you do with it. I LOVE pom poms! It's a Christmas tradition for me to buy my sister a scarf that has pom poms on it. This year I managed to find a scarf that is just a string of huge pom poms - it's amazing! (you know, one of those presents that you really don't want to give away!)
The Jenny Bean Christmas sampler is just lovely, is it OOP? Can you believe I'm sat here, lounging around doing nothing and I haven't even started one iota of Christmas stitching? It's shocking - I should be ashamed of myself. It doesn't help that I've discovered my laptop has 'tetris' - that game is SO addictive! What's so annoying is that Tom keeps on beating my highest score so I have to continue playing- grrr, men!

Anonymous said...

Love the little kitty on Jenny Bean! Great idea! I love the quote about what to keep in your home, and it is one that I adhere to strictly. It keeps my home so nice to live in. :) I clean out closets and cabinets every quarter, and give to charity or throw away. It feels so good!

Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had an enjoyable day!
I love your addition of the cat to Jenny Bean. It looks fantastic!

Laura said...

Belated happy birthday wishes! Don't feel bad about leaving 27 behind. I left it behind more than 15 years ago and I'm totally fine. Well, except for being slightly nuts and disorganized, but really, no big deal.

Did I ever tell you I used to live in Nutley? I know the restaurant you are talking about and although I've never been there, I always heard terrific things about it. Glad you had a nice birthday dinner!

Ranae said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!!
Gorgeous flowers

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Berit! I wish I was still 28! You received some gorgeous, well deserved gifts:)

Your roses are absolutely beautiful. Very pretty colour.

Love your Jenny Bean Christmas sampler. Actually I just love anything Jenny Bean but I think the Christmas one is my favourite!