Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Graffiti Jack"

A new start! But first~

Here's "Graffiti Jack"

He's a gray tabby with the trademark "M", and possibly my favorite character in Anno Moyocco's Ochibi-san, which I've been reading lately. I could go on for a while about how lovely this little Japanese newspaper strip is (Think along the lines of Winnie the Pooh or Calvin and Hobbs with a highlight on the deep regard of the Japanese of Nature and her Seasons), but that's not today's point. :)

Here follows a December entry featuring Jack:

For the sake of Translation:

Last night's new start! :D

"Stitching Necessaire" by Homespun Elegance. Recommended Belle Soie on 28ct. Antique Vintage Ivory. :3

"Dash-Away Jack" (Truly, this is a lovely little painting like so many from this book)

"Out-on-a-Jaunt Jack"? Am I the only one who sees a resemblance? :3

I'm off to eat a burger (yumm!) and stitch more on this fun project!

Yours Cat-obsessedly,

P.S. On a more seasonal note, He's a Jack-o'-Lantern here as he's carrying Chinese lantern flowers filled with lightening bugs to light the way home on a dusky eve. :)


Margaret said...

What fun! Love your new start, and Graffiti Jack too! Do you know Japanese? My daughter was taking it last year, but she's switched to Chinese this year. It's fun to see a new comic strip from another country!

Daffycat said...

Well, I know the Irish carved I suppose lantern flowers aren't all that strange!

Lovely new start, Berit!

Myra said...

Jack is just charming Berit. So, can you read Japanese??? Great new start on a great new design too.

Lynn said...

There is definitely a resemblance! I love your new start and Graffiti Jack looks like a fun character.

Catherine said...

Love the new start - and like everyone else, I am curious, do you read Japanese?

Barbara said...

You've provided my bit of culture for the weekend, Berit! :D Thanks!

carol fun said...

Lovely stitchy start and the Japanese illustrations are beautiful. My youngest son is quite enamoured with Japanese folk tales and anime and is always showing me new stories - lots of fun! Happy stitching -

Annemarie said...

No, you're not the only one who sees the resemblance, and you're certainly not the only one who finds this ohhhhhh so cute! Never saw it before, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to do a little search for more, more, more of Ochibi-San!
Love your new start

Jodie said...

Nice! I was going to ask if those were Chinese Lanterns! I have them in my garden- love them. Very cute projects!

Siobhan said...

Jack is very cute! Neat new start. :)