Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ever-clear, Ever-green

Instead of letting my perfectionism get the best of my blogging, I'm going to take a page out of Staci's book (yet again!) and in tough-ish times make a nice blog to share some Happy Things. :D (Please don't compare my photography to hers though as it won't show favorably on my part! ;)

Happy Thing No. 1:

Marc and I have been members of the local YMCA for about four years, and I can't say that we've been regular attendees--I know for certain that that the months in which we darkened their doorstep are fewer than those in which we Stayed Home, but I still wouldn't un-join. It's a great community place with something for everyone. I've been having a great time swimming in "Adult Lap" and also attending 'Water X"-type classes for the last couple of weeks. I love the Montclair YMCA; I call their pools Legion, for they are Many. lol. I remember the YMCAs in Oklahoma were just as nice, if not as "historic" in their housing. Give your local Y another look--they are cheaper than you think, offer more, and generally don't require the contracts that fitness clubs do. Sure, there's generally a "joiner's fee", but it's a cheap health investment in the long run. It's like a mini-vacation/spa. The whole place is full of towels--more than one could ever use and not a one will you wash! They have a steam and sauna room! :D I can't say whether or not it's fun to live at a YMCA, but it IS good times to visit!

Happy Thing No. 2:

I finished the re-stitch of my ill-fated Arbor Exchange, so now I gleefully started what I wanted to since it was released in April: Sweet Bird freebie from The Sampler Girl. I Love this pattern! "Sweet Bird; thy bower is ever green, thy sky is ever clear"--how refreshing these colors are! How lucky is that sweet bird! A nice collection of waste knots are dwelling on it; I usually stitch and stitch one session, and then when I pick up for the next round I weave in before starting--I'm always impressed with how much I must have done last session. But, to stop stitching in the midst of a nice groove just to weave in--Oh, Never! :D

Happy Thing No. 3:

The not-quite ever-green flowers that SB was propped against. These came from Dear Marc (first ones I've ever received from a Boy! :o), and here's a fresher pic. :)

Whew; I have many more, including the Arrival of Stash! :o But the "Blogging Hour" has long since passed--what is it about this weather that makes it difficult to stitch and harder to blog? But we do love it. :D

For the US readers and everyone else, enjoy this weekend; Independence Day aside--just this idyllic breezy weather makes it feel like a holiday here!

May your bowers be ever-green; your skies ever-clear,


Margaret said...

I like all your happy things! :D Happy 4th to you!

Christina said...

Beautiful flowers Berit.
I too spent many a happy hour in a local YMCA when living in the States. The pool was great and always very quiet early evening.
Your new start is lovely, looking forward to seeing it finished. I really enjoy reading The Sampler Girl's blog but have never yet stitched one of her designs.
I'm going to go now and think what my list of 'Happy Things' would include!

staci said...

I love seeing your Happy Things! Thank you for sharing, I hope you do it again :)

Your new sampler is really lovely. And your flowers are so pretty and cheery! Happy 4th!!!

Myra said...

Love your new start and how sweet of dear Marc to give you those gorgeous flowers. I wish we had a Y nearby, I would go just for the swimming.

DonnaTN said...

I love the happy things theme! Lovely Bird is truly lovely!

mainely stitching said...

Tough-ish times? I hope all is well for you Berit. I don't like to think of you without a smile on your face.

LOVE your happy things. :D

Brigitte said...

When I saw Staci's Happy Things I immediately thought of adopting this nice idea, too. And you are doing so, too. Love your Happy Things, particularly the sweet little birdie. It's definitely a happy thing.

Kathy A. said...

Very nice things to be happy about! Have a great 4th of July.

Melissa said...

Oh, Berit, you have inspired me! I like the Happy Things post and hope your toughish times will fade away soon. I am feeling the same though we probably have different reasons. Ahh, such is life!

Glad you are still stitching. I love that YMCA poster with the kitty!

Enjoy your celebrations!

Laura said...

Love your happy things and your new start as well. Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.

Patti said...

Thank you so much for sharing all your happy things. What a lovely thing to blog about. Hope your 4th was great.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Deb said...

I love your happy things! I don't think that a lot of us take the time to really sit back and think of what really does make us happy. But sometimes the prettiest flower or a piece that we're stitching indeed does make us very happy!

Cari-in-VA said...

Flowers always make me smile - I love having fresh flowers in the house. So many wonderful happy things reminds me that I have so very much to be grateful for every single day.

Enjoy your week, Berit.

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Enjoyed so much your Happy Things, especially the cute kitty!

Siobhan said...

I like your happy things, Berit. :) I hope you had a good 4th!

Kellie said...

Hi Berit, It is nice to focus on happy things. I worked for the YMCA during the summers while I was in college. It was a great place to work, and I have many happy memories of my time spent there and the people that I worked with.

Your wip and flowers are both beautiful. :)

Have a happy week!

Suzanne said...

I like all your happy things