Friday, March 19, 2010

Longer Days

...are here again in the US. The time switch (whether it be "springing forward" or "falling back") always throws me: I realized that I'd been suffering horribly the previous week from seasonal depression. Insufferable winter blues--what nerve they have to elbow their way in as the gloomy weather ends!

Fox Forest

Please pardon the "away waste knots" I always use them. Do you? I hate stopping stitching to tidy them up, but when I begin a session I really enjoy weaving them in--makes me feel as though I must have accomplished a lot last time. Fills one with a sense of industrious pride. lol

Redbird Sampler

As she has stood for what seems like weeks! To the left, 2 strands of green needles. To the Right, only one. 2 are called-for on the chart, but the chart also specifies a much lower (28?) count linen. I used 36/2. Everyone I've asked seems to like the double strand, but I can't quite give up the idea of a single. Opinions, please? The sooner I finish this baby the sooner I can pass the chart on to a lucky reader. ;)

Easter Holiday Exchange

Modified motif from "Strawberry Summer Sampler" by C Street Samplerworks, as published in the Summer 2003 edition of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly. Stitched 2/2 on 28 ct. Cashel "Fog" by PTP.

This image shows the colours a little bit more clearly; it was a hideously overcast day when I took these photos.

This is my first pynkeepe, and I was very nervous that Bonnie should like it! I am pleased with the first attempt, and hope that she is too. :) I sent another exchange (Arbor Day) at the same time, but as we're still waiting on that one's arrival I can't show the pictures yet.

What's next:

• Finishing that Darned Fox Forest. I seriously love this piece. So much that I could stitch on it forever and never finish it! As it's a chart loan, however, I'm cracking the whip. All the foxes are now in and all that remains is the alphabet and me deciding how to sign it. And If I'm gonna add some other stuff (Like a phrase beneath it).

• Secret Project! Can tell this much, however: All it lacks is a bit of ironing, some perimeter stitching and a few perfect buttons/beads/baubles.

• Finally was able to order linen for Quaker Diamonds, and it is in the mail!! Oh, the joy! I think I'm going to start a monthly thing with myself on this one; otherwise HOW can I finish it. It's my "first" BAP. (Not the first to plan, but the first to start, I think. I planned another quaker, but when the fabric came in it was a total bust.) I need to block the design off into monthly sections, methinks.

• I *wish* I could start JB's Christmas Sampler, which I've had for a while now, but idk if I can handle more winter right now! Can I wait 'till next year!? :D

• Did you see Staci's gift for Paula?? I swear; I'm stricken with the compulsion to copy half the stuff she rolls off her presses! :D

Thanks to everyone for all your kind comments on my last post! Sorry I've been somewhat absent lately. I've got about a dozen of your blogs open in tabs in my browser awaiting comment. But, my computer time for this afternoon is now up! ;)

Have a great weekend, all!


LiahonaGirl said...

Some lovely progress on your projects Berit.

I like the lacier look of using only 1 strand for the pine needles.

As for waste knots -- I've never used them. I typically just catch the end of the floss on the backside of the fabric under the first couple stitches.


Barbeeque4 said...

What a beautiful pynkeepe!!! I like the look of the single strand. FF is really coming along - no need to hurry - take your time and enjoy!

Have a great weekend!


Sharlotte said...

Fox Forest looks great as well as Red Bird Sampler. I have the RB sampler in my stash as well and need to stitch it up.

Catherine said...

All your goodies look great! My eye tends towards the one strand look!

Have a stitchy weekend!

Kathy A. said...

Fox Forest is lovely. I like the single strand too!
RB Sampler is coming along beautifully too.
Love your pinkeep. Great job.

Myra said...

Hi Berit! You need to come see me - 70 degrees and sunny today, we would kick that depression to the curb.
While I usually like the 2 strand look, 1 strand works better for the needles in this piece me thinks.

Your pinkeep for the Easter exchange is awesome! I just love the little birds.

Anonymous said...

Lovely WIPs, I like the single strand too, it looks cleaner somehow. I like how your pinkeep turned out, very pretty!

Deb said...

All your pieces look wonderful. I've never thought of using waste knows on xstitch - I have with needlepoint. I think I just may have to try using them.

Melissa said...

Lots of lovely stitching, Berit!

I've never used waste knots so can't comment. As to number of strands - I have a weird thing where if I have been stitching with 2/2 and then have to switch to 1/2 for another project, I grumble for quite awhile until my brain and fingers have adapted to the feel, and this works the other way too!

Currently I have been stitching 1/2 on 35/36 count linens so I think that's the bee's knees (at the moment)! It gives a more delicate look!

Lovely pinkeep!

Amy said...

Your pieces are gorgeous. I come to your blog for inspiration!!

With my five year old home on spring break, I haven't been stitching much myself!!

Sadie said...

Beautiful stitching on your WIPs Berit :-) Your first pinkeep is adorable!
I like the look of the 2 strands on Redbird. The one strand does look more realistic, but I think the two strands fits in with the style of the whole design better.
Have a great weekend x

corinna said...

love your fox forest
rich lovely colors

hope warm sunshine comes your way
all your stitches are beautiful
have a great wknd

staci said...

I dislike the time changes's especially hard for my boys who have very strong internal clocks.

You have some very lovely stitching going on! Love your Easter pinkeep...your stitching and finishing are gorgeous!

Thank you for your sweet comment about are too kind :)

Siobhan said...

What great WIPs! They are all so nice, Berit. The Easter pinkeep--omg, how fantastic!! I wish I could think outside the box and look at larger designs for pin keeps, etc.

I absolutely agree with you about Staci. I fantasize about her patriotic basket. Seriously, it's sad, some people day dream about the beach and things like that. Me, I dream about other stitcher's finishes. LOL

Have a great weekend!

DonnaTN said...

I think the 1 strand side looks more piney. The 2 strands stands out more, but looks less like a pine tree to me. Your things are beautiful!

Sally said...

Very nice progress on both pieces and I love your pinkeep.

Kellie said...

Your projects look great. Fox Forest is beautiful. So is Redbird Sampler. I personally like the look of the branch on the right with one strand. But its really all about what you like best. :) Do you like the look of a fuller, bolder branch or the wispy, more delicate looking one? Whatever you decide, it is going to look great. Your Easter exchange is very nice as well. Beautiful finish.

Becky K in OK said...

Great stitches. I love the redbird sampler. The foxes are coming along quite well.

Daffycat said...

Ooo, such beautiful stitching!

I've never used waste knots. It probably makes for a fast start!

I think I like the single thread needles best. It looks much finer on the small count fabric. But use your best judgement, you will know if you aren't happy with it, right?

mainely stitching said...

Oh I just love Fox Forest. I love all the WB forests. :D I use waste knots sometimes too, but am fanatical about snipping them off the second I can. LOL!

JOLENE said...

Love the red foxes, especially the one with the bushy tail. Red Bird is beautiful and I love the "thin" needles the best. Just my opinion since you asked. Love, Love, Love the Easter Pinkeep!!!!!! It's to die for! I found you a "red bird" to display with your piece, I will mail it to you on Monday. Hope you like it....Smiles!

Kate said...

Your projects look wonderful!

I always like the fullness of 2 strand stitching, but in this particular case, I think the 1 strand works better. It looks more sparse and "needle-y" :-)

Ranae said...

Welcome to the US!!
It looks like you did a fabulous finishing job on the pynkeep.
The WIP's are looking great

Patty C. said...

I adore the red bird sampler
All of your work looks lovely