Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome to My Needlework Blog

Hello, and please know that you are Welcome Here, Friends of Needlework and All Charming Things.

I am Berit (also a Bunny:), and this is a space which I have created as small internet haven for my interest in counted cross-stitch, crochet, and other handworks.

I have long been thinking of making just such a blog, but find myself spurred to action as a result of having joined the Tiny Treasures Blog moderated by Sharon of xstitchhappy.

Please watch this space for future postings of my finishes, tastes, wishes, and perhaps even an original design or two!

Yours in Stitching,


Monique S said...

Well done having created your blog. Cosy place already. Now we're waiting for pictures - many pictures :)
I wish you good luck and happiness with your new blog

Monique S

Berit said...

Thank you so much, Monique! You are too kind! I have a couple of slideshows now, and will with luck go on improving it bit by bit!

Photos are a must!!